Sunday, October 30, 2011

American female celebrities are disgusting

Gregory from Idaho writes:

My wife and I are aghast at the slovenliness and flat-out ugliness of American female "celebrities." Their bad dye jobs, bad hairdos, bad makeup, bad plastic surgery, fake tits, and horrible clothes make them look like outright prostitutes. Repulsive and disgusting. No wonder the average American woman can't figure out how to dress to look great. They imitate what the ditz "celebrities" look like and, due to obesity, make themselves look laughably bad.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Raymond agrees that American women should be boycotted

Raymond from Maryland writes:

Folks, this dude has a point, however crassly put. The fact is, American women today are MUCH fatter than just 20 years ago. Let me add to his criticism of American women. Yes... a growing majority tend to be out of shape: either very out of shape or morbidly out of shape. ALSO (as regards the growing majority): they dye and streak and perm their hair flat, ALSO: they get the stupidest tattoos, ALSO: they wear way too much makeup and stinky colognes, ALSO: they wear clothing that indicates they have a rotating cement mixer for a clothes closet and when they pull the handle they get and put on a random jumble of cheap stretchy clothing and mau-maus and flip-flops. ALSO: they get those totally ignorant fingernail and toenail jobs. And what's worst of all... they smoke like fiends. Women used to be the civilizing and improving influence on society. In America many of them are turning into the ones making society coarser, uglier, fatter, stupider, crasser, slovenly, gluttonous, immoral, and generally dragging us down. Damned if I know why. It's just happening.

EDITORS NOTE: Why? Because of FEMINISM and MISANDRY! That's why!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

American women are lazy slobs

Andrew from Indiana writes:

You guys are right! I have traveled extensively and find that American women are much lazier, classless and much fatter than their European counterparts. It is a shame, I had to go to Europe to meet a lady that appreciated the fact that I was a gentleman and a man. Women in America don't know what they want and most are unbalanced, vindictive. Most of them belong to the church of Money. What a horrible life they must live. A truly disgusting exsistence.

Monday, October 24, 2011

American women have no respect

Stephen from Iowa writes:


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Filipino girls blow American sluts away

Eric from Illinois writes:

After three white American wifes who were demanding of everything I had or could earn with little love or respect in return I went to the Philippines and brought back a small pretty very respectfull and thankfull very young girl. Boy did my x raise hell. Unfortunarly after fifteen years she has become too American. I guess it's time to go back to the Philippines and get another 21 year old.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spanish man speaks the truth

Mario from Spain writes:

Back in 1982 when I was in US studying but alas fallen in love but my master said "Tho' shall not marry american women coz they don't know how to cook, they don't know how to sewk, they only know how, when, what and where to fuck." No joke, its a truth, nothing but the truth.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Balkan man boycotts American women

Ravish from the Balkans says:

i am eastern european man (balkan) and she is right women in America wants to be a man and that is biggest turn of to a man. a woman does not have to kiss a guys ass to keep him around. she just needs have to respect for him and let us be a man and she will be a women, how it is suppose to be and no man would ever leave her,and she probably does that. american women in other hand is a plain bitch. you can laugh but every passing day less and less men want american women because of your disrespect to a man, and more and more men in america is turning to east in general to find a wife, while you will be only used for sex and that is it and it is not mans fault why this is happening right now to you. you don't want to take our advices that would make your lives better and lot more nicer. but no you want to be a man and the women in relationship well you got your wish soon you will be man and the women in your life because nobody will want to be with you soon

Monday, October 17, 2011

American women are the world's worst

Scott from Hawaii writes:

American Women are the worlds worst. American men go to the gym and look fit. American women get their exercise watching Sex In The City and Oprah. They horde boxes of Entenmann's doughnut holes. And it shows in their rotten attitudes and the expanding spandex waist line.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

American women are rude and ungrateful

Frank from Georgia writes:

American women (atleast where I live) are rude, self absorbed and will not and I stress WILL NOT ever thanks a man for anything. Hold the door for a woman, let her cut into the lane ahead of you in her car, put the divider separating her groceries and your when checking out. Will you get a thank you? Most of the time you won't. These are American women today. And for the guy who mentioned the lesbo thing, yes many do prefer women over men. There are more bi-sexual American women today than ever before. Do they need men? No! But we don't need them either.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

American women are hogs

Jeffry in Delaware writes:

I agree American women tend to be hogs, and are annoying. What's with the American trend of women beating up each other, or American ladies being lesbians. Gross. You will see the average American women walking around with her cell phone and cursing and swearing like a sailor. Nasty. American whales...err women are hostile and aggressive much like an angry hippo. If American ladies go to Asia or Europe with their attitude and looks they will be laughed at.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

America is a sick feminist fantasy dreamworld

Larry in Connecticut writes:

In general, the image of the typical American is not so good around the world but what people think of real American women (not the ones you see on TV) is kind of sad.
I feel sorry for Western, particularly white North American (and to a lessor extent Australian/New Zealand) women living in Asia. They definitely have it the worst.
Black American women always get attention as there's always tons of men and women, locals or foreigners, with that type of fetish. And European women on average hold their own in terms of appearance and fashion against the average Asian womon, so I've rarely heard EU women complaining about long-term lonliness. But the average white North American female living or vacationing in Asia is more or less SOL. Truth be told, they are the last type of women most guys are looking at in a crowded room. But let's face it, you can't go to these countries where beauty and fashion is a key part of the daily male and female routine, and expect to get noticed wearing your backpack, baggy jeans, and sneakers/sandals. Women have conveniently forgotten that human males and females are just animals. Just like peacocks and penguins, men do all types of song and dance to win over the female's affection. For some reason, today's women think they are above partaking in this song and dance, which is why they end up fourty-something and alone. Play the game, be brilliant, be attractive, be worth winning over. Even the ugly guys that you see with the beautiful Asian girls do their song and dance. Women like to fools themselves into believing that all Asian girls are keep whores who give it up to the first J.I. Joe that buys them a drink, but that really not the case. The guys put on their charms, play the game, and get the reward. North American women need to stop thinking they are above the game.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

American women are human pigs

Jose from Colorado writes:

The issue here is not one of obesity since men suffer as much as women from McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Domino's, KFC, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. The gripe has more to do with women's personality and attitude. A lot of European, S. American, and Asian women are sophisticated and eloegant. It's unusual to see women with that level of sophistication and elegance in the U.S.

This is true about American women's personalities to a degree. I have met some very nice American women here in the U.S. and some not so nice (unfortunately the not so nice ones outwight the nice ones). I think women's lib has had a huge effect on women's attitudes towards men. Women for the most part never used to be bitches like they are today. We're going back some forty to fifty years and women were much different than they are today. European and Asian women can also be bitches. I know I've lived overseas and have seen this for myself. As far as Latin women, well I live in an area that's extremely Spanish and I don't find them to assimilate with Americans. They generally stick to each other, unlike the European & Asian women who have no problem dating American men.

American women are human PIGS!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

American women are seriously overweight

Timothy in Alaska writes:

Yes, Unfortunately, many American women are seriously overweight. I was eating in TGIF the other day and was horrified at the number of fat women there. Two tables away from me there was a woman eating a rather large portion of what appeared to be beef and to top it off she ordered desert too. Now European women also eat big meals, usually at lunch but do alot more walking than women here do. I had a German girlfriend who was slim and we once talked about this same subject. She said American women have no dicipline which I must agree seems true. As far as American women being self centered, I suppose it depends where in the United States you live. In South Florida I find most women rude and self absorbed, but don't find that in other parts of the U.S.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

European women LOVE American men

Lannette from Sweden writes:

I am a Scandinavian woman... I think that we actually make a good match for American men in that our men don't usually know how to be charming or manly. They are too often wimps and never want to commit to women, because they are so used to attractive women being around that their egos are super inflated and think there will always be the next girl.vWhen American men visit Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, they generally are amazed at how beautiful the women are. The women are also genuinely attracted to American men, because they are SUCH GREAT GUYS!!! NOT, because we need them to get us out of poverty, or our otherwise rescue us from our miserable existence and bring us to the US to live "free." We don't take great guys like that for granted because we don't have them at home.vHaving lived in America on and off for 15 years I think that American women (just like the Scandinavian men do women) take their guys for granted, and treat them horribly. Of course not all the time, but as a general feel that I get by what I see, or hear by other men. I mean, even something as simple as men paying for the date: I don't expect that, but I find gentlemanly behavior very sweet, and try to be equally charming and feminine in return :) American women tend to be OFFENDED if men don't pay for everything, even if the guy is in college or something. I do think that there is a higher sense of the guy being expected to perform at a much higher level than the women are.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Good if American Women don't want you

Gary from Arkansas:

American Women are fat, disgusting, std riddled piles of shit. I'm more attracted to other men than the average american woman.

Being unwanted by American women means you are man enough not to tolerate man-hating feminism. I find that American women "don't meet my standards." American men that venture overseas find that there are many good women out there; they also find they aren't American.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

North American women suck

Matthew from Canada writes:

I have met so many uneducated people both in Canada and US, their attitude suck, I mean in general I am not surprised at all that men are seeking women abroad. At least they look beautiful, smell nice and the most of the are highly educated. So, it is really the whole package. American women look like men with the attitude, f**k like men, and have absolutely no class. I would probably be considered skinny, unhealthy and whatnot, but the truth is I take care of my self. I eat right, I am fit and have excellent attitude toward life and men.