Friday, October 28, 2011

Raymond agrees that American women should be boycotted

Raymond from Maryland writes:

Folks, this dude has a point, however crassly put. The fact is, American women today are MUCH fatter than just 20 years ago. Let me add to his criticism of American women. Yes... a growing majority tend to be out of shape: either very out of shape or morbidly out of shape. ALSO (as regards the growing majority): they dye and streak and perm their hair flat, ALSO: they get the stupidest tattoos, ALSO: they wear way too much makeup and stinky colognes, ALSO: they wear clothing that indicates they have a rotating cement mixer for a clothes closet and when they pull the handle they get and put on a random jumble of cheap stretchy clothing and mau-maus and flip-flops. ALSO: they get those totally ignorant fingernail and toenail jobs. And what's worst of all... they smoke like fiends. Women used to be the civilizing and improving influence on society. In America many of them are turning into the ones making society coarser, uglier, fatter, stupider, crasser, slovenly, gluttonous, immoral, and generally dragging us down. Damned if I know why. It's just happening.

EDITORS NOTE: Why? Because of FEMINISM and MISANDRY! That's why!