Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canadian women suck, boycott them also!

Thomas in Canada writes:

I don't think foreign men would want an american women. I believe most the world hates you anyway. No, it is because america sucks, and foreign men know that. Why would anyone want to marry one of those and cut short their happiness? American women are no longer desired in their own country, let alone overseas.

if you want brainwashed femminist ball breakers you don't need to look across the border buddy! our canadian women are the worst ball-breakers in the world....and i know because i've traveled to every continent on earth... i married a european woman and couldn't be happier.. .a friend married a philippino woman ......and my brother in law married a thai woman..they both got good women... you can't blame the north american women for the most part....they've been fed this victim mentality,that the evil white males are to blame for all their problems....they're oppressed....they are victims,