Wednesday, November 23, 2011

David says American women are crazy

David in Michigan writes:

Any guy, secure or insecure got to be crazy to marry an American women. There is also a misconception that those who marry foreign women are abusers. That is not true. I am married to a foreign woman, and our relationship is based on love and our faith. I just don't trust western women. I don't know how anyone can marry or be with women like that.

American woman are basically worthless wives. They want a 'dual career' marriage. They are very materialistic. Once you stop buying them things, they are off to the next john. They can't make it on their own and end up leeches. They are always btchy 90% of the time. Some are bi-polar nutcases. Don't lest looks fool you. Women turn ugly at 30-32 yrs old. They get fat and smell. That is when they want you back. No one wants them. Solution: Marry an Asian woman who has NOT been brought up in the USA. They are great wives. The do great with the kids while the man is out working. By all means, stay away from American women, most are bi-sexual.