Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Men have spoiled American women

Joshua from Massachusetts writes:

Partly I would say its the men's fault over here in America, they treat women like they are angels, never criticize them and give them everything they ask for. Why they are so fat is the food over here, all the junk and hormones you put in the food. Besides that they are lazy (caus men let them be). And they are spoilt from the day they are born - thats where the attitude came from. I was married to an American girl for 7 years ( I am European )- NEVER AGAIN - most of the girls here are lazy sluts and ho's, there are a few exceptions but far and few in between. Now I am engaged to an Asian girl and god this is a world of difference. I would highly recommend dating girls from different cultures if you are looking for more than a fat lazy slut.