Saturday, December 31, 2011

American women suck!

Kevin from Arizona writes:

That's the rub ... Feminism is not about equality, etc. It's about power ... it's about creating a new inequality. It's about getting something off the back of someone else just because your an American women. What man wants to loose his property and income because his wife is bored and walks out on him. 75% of divorces in America are initiated by women mostly for trivel emotional reasons. How many jobs can you walk out of after 8 years and collect a paycheck for life? How many jobs will pay you for having children? Have sex with your husband then go to the police and accuse him of rape. Can he defend himself in court against that ?... no. In 85% of child custody cases women threaten to accuse men of child sexual abuse. Having a period is defense for murdering a man. 60% of child abuse is perpetrated by women. Women NEVER pay their child support, they have a much worse record than men. If a thirty-something women has sex with a 12 yr-old boy people say he got lucky. There are so many women beating their child to death each year the CDC has been investigating it as an epidemic. And yet the media NEVER points these things out. Why?... Do you see equality here ?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Men are fed up with western women

Anthony from Dallas says:

The story of how guys are fed up with feminism and western women can be easy seen in the very high number of blog postings, it usually higher than any other subject. Plenty of Fish forums largest threads were on this subject before they were deleted. American women bitched too much about the truth. Daily poster start new threads along these lines but they are usually deleted. This is a major issue that is completely ignored by the mainstream press. They would rather talk about how a couple of fudgepackers got married. Talk to any guy on the street and most will agree about how unfair family courts are and how there is no justice. America is overdue for a revolution.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Export American women and import foreign women

Ronald the Duck writes:

American women are truly worthless. I think we should export all american bitches to other countries and take in women from other places. Have you noticed how fat these sluts get AT AN EARLY AGE nowadays. I went to Europe last year and I was amazed at how women take care of themselves even in their older years. European, Russian, South American girls are the way to go. Think about this too, if you were allowed to beat your wife we would'nt be dealing with this crap. I don't care how bad a woman thinks she is, there's no way she can beat up a man.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't take American women seriously

Brian from Rhode Island says:

I feel you 100%. Your best weapon against these Feminazi Ameriskanks is INDIFFERENCE. You have to realize that AMERICAN WOMEN DON'T MATTER. Nothing they say.... Nothing they do.... MATTERS. Their existence is irrelevant in the Grand Scheme of Things. The only things they are good for are f*cking and child-rearing... And they can't even get those two things right most times. You must view all women as LOSERS until they prove otherwise. It's not fair, I know. But, then again.... Neither is living in a gender-biased society where "women" reward men for bad behavior and punish them for good behavior. American women nowadays are a walking joke with three d*ckholes. And you should, by all means, treat them as such. I know what I'm saying is rather cold, but trust me you'll be alot at peace with yourself if you stop taking American b*tches seriously.

Friday, December 23, 2011

American women have too much freedom

Edward from California writes:

In my experience, american women are so bitter. even other women who arrive in america become like them. Abuse ( imagined or even fabricated) is common. I see that our society wants women to be respected and treated with dignity as such .Because of too much "freedom" in our system , women are starting to abuse the system to their own advantage. They can claim anything to get rid of someone at job or rob their husband or boyfriend out of their livehood for amusement and or money. It is better to avoid them altogether. They can claim false rape, abuse or anything they want to really damage someone's reputation or career and life. A woman is meant to make us happy and being around her should be a joy and not a pain.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Men should not tolerate rude American women

Steven from USA writes:

Dear friends,
I would have to agree that many of the comments about women. Some young American women are extremely shallow and rude. They are selfish, entitled, bitchy, and will dump a man on the slightest whim. I have met both sides of the coin. The beautiful ones that are rude, the beautiful ones that are polite. More often than not, when a woman is rude, it has usually something to do with her self image--she considers herself entitled to the best things in life, regardless of her inability to earn those things. Her attitude toward the commoner is- how does he even have the gall to look in my direction? He "is so creepy". How can they make a judgement on someone without even knowing them? This hurts my feelings to the point where I almost get sick. This is the kind of bull*** that ***** me off. What makes these American women think they can treat men any way they want and still expect respect in return? I have often been nice to women, only to get a mean response. I will stop being nice and put these b***** in their place. Funny thing is, these very bi***** try to hit on the younger men after multiple divorce with really good men whom they ripped off. Like the younger men would want to touch an ugly old feminist s*** with a stick. I find these kinds of women very nasty and disgusting. As long as ment keep tolerating garbage from american women, feminism will prevail. Men have every right to be equally rude to american wh****. Good luck to good men.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The system has destroyed women in America

Ken from LA wrote:

We're not criticizing the gender; we're criticizing the system.

Only in America can a woman cheat on her husband or abandon the family, and the law says he STILL has to give her half the marital assets in the divorce.

Only in America can a woman claim false domestic abuse with no question on her word, and the man is guilty until proven innocent. Not just in court, but in the workplace. I don't dare have casual conversation with ANY woman in the workplace for fear of losing my job. Is this the equality feminists have so dearly wanted?

Only in America does a mother collect child support tax free with zero accountability that the $$$ is being used on the CHILDREN and not being hoarded by the deceptive mother. And the man cannot use child support as a tax deduction which puts a great burden on his income.

Only in America can a POW return home from Iraq and be arrested by the local sheriff for non-payment of child support.

Only in America can a man lose his house at the hands of a girlfriend (not WIFE) who filed a false domestic abuse. The law jails the man and the woman takes over the house.

Cohabitation with ANY woman in America is DANGEROUS. That's not attacking the gender, that's attacking the system.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

American women are clueless

George from America writes:

These idiot American women are so clueless. The only reason why American femi-nazi pigs were allowed to begin working was that corprorations could pay them 20% less than an american male. All this mentality has done has destroyed the possibility of positive futures of marriage and the western world, and open the door to people working on visas or as illegal immigrants in this country, because - again - the company can pay these people 20% less or more per year. Women belong in the kitchen cooking, as a good housewife, and a good role model as a loving mother. Down with the pant suits, you nasty American women, they are ugly and a turn off anyway.:)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

American women are very perverse

Maniel from Spain writes:

When I was in america for few months and I dated american women I was so shocked to see their lack of decency,when in bed most of the ones I had sex with all they wanted was anal sex, something that I profoundly dislike (I'm a catholic)and also as a medical student I told them about the dangers of such degrading and disgusting kind of sexual practice..and the women I was dating were girls from good homes! driving sport mercedes and with an endless credit card contrast when I started to date girls with asian mixture, they were not only more intelligent they are also more delicate in their sexual actitude..the same with european women of different nationalities I gave american women a miss and I had a great time with different other nationalities or races..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Donald says American women play too many games

Donald in Ohio writes:

I've been married to an American woman for 5 years now, one of the last few good ones. That being said, if something were to happen to her, or things were not to work out, I would never even look twice at another American woman ever again. I agree 100% with the comments on this thread against American women.
The sexual games they play, the materialism, the "Validation" game, the incessant list of demands, the deteriorating health, both body wise and STD wise. The list is endless. This is coming from a guy who makes mid 6 figures and has all his bills paid. My wife's friends validate my statements every time I see them. By no pure coincidence, they are all on internet dating sites, never married, or quickly divorced, at age 35 or higher. Zero conversational skills, zero warmth, zero sense of purpose, zero social value. It's gotten so bad, when I see them, I cringe in disgust. I'm glad my wife was the exception to the rule.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

American women are dehumanized

Patrick from Alabama said:

American men who seek out foreign women are usually very intelligent, successful, independent, and have no illusions. It is Americanised Women who have dismissed the notion that American Men are real human beings, and in doing so they have dehumanised themselves to a large extent. There are differences between people, and women, in other cultures, and seeking out a mate from a culture that isn't as toxic or messed up as the USA's with regards to dating, marriage and family is a wise choice. Your attempts at dissuasion shall not succeed. The men are looking elsewhere. It is not surprising that you would move to America, where women have superannuated rights to men, and then do exactly what American Women have done for 30 years - namely, shame the men into not seeking out a foreign wife. To you women, America is a dream. You get whatever you want and you have rights that supersede those of men. To the men, it is a prison. Earning large sums of money and possessing material toys and possessions is useless if your interpersonal relationships suffer due to the materialistic nature of the American woman. I have proved my point.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mark says American women are too materialistic

Mark from Kentucky says:

Dare I say, That American women will want your son to be circumcised--Foreign women don't go for that s@#t. Foreign women are far superior, and less superstitious than American women.

When I was dating American women, it never took long for them to ask about my material possessions and monetary status. My wife never asked about any of that, not once! She still, to this day, is not concerned about any of that. She demands one thing, and one thing only. Unconditional love, which I gladly give, and recieve. When I finally let her in on my financial status and such, she said "Whatever you have is fine for me.", and "I did not marry your money, your house, your car. I married you!" How's that for a REAL woman? A woman that loves me, not my "stuff". A woman I will have until death.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Indian man agrees that American women are low class filth

Ashish from India writes:

I have to agree with whats said about American women here: its a fact that cannot be denied. Feminists are not advocating equal rights : they just want to prove that its always the mans fault and that they somehow deserve everything without working. They marry, divorce and screw the poor guy in court.. and then they get fat with the free paychecks. Ruining the kids childhood and then bit**ing around saying how difficult it is to raise kids as a single mom, character assassinating the ex..

I am Asian (India) well educated and settling down. I tried to be openminded and thought i couldnt generalise about all american women, pursued relationships with them.. i like strong women who have goals are focussed. However the american girls couldnt stop complaining/ bullsh**ing about their ex bfs, or doing drama , being a cry baby: never satisfied. I had been ignoring those as minor culture differences.. I am patient but i had enough. I have come to realize that american women have no qualities worth appreciating or rather the qualities for making a man happy , providing a stable marriage. Asian women are not submissive and nor do i like such women: american women just want to BS asian women to make themselves feel better. There are lot of asian women who are highly educated (in asia and in US/Europe) who treat men as equal with respect. What an idiot i was, thankfully my senses are restored.

I will never spare a thought for American women: have no attraction towards them now. I hope all American men wake up.

I am wondering about the iq of american men who pursue such women. Lol they already hate asians cause we dont fall for their traps, i guess the statements above wont help it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Paul with a Chinese wife. Good job!

Paul from Kansas says:

Amen, brothers! There are murderers in prison who can hook up with dozens of American women, but I'm not good enough? Give me a break! I have a beautiful, intelligent, independent Chinese woman who I plan to marry. We have corresponded for several months, and share the same values, goals and sense of humor. She is everything I have ever wanted in a woman, and I intend to treat her as an equal partner for the rest of my life. No American woman would give me a fraction of a chance, but my future wife is infinitely superior to any of the incurably shallow, condescending wallet-sniffers who have the unmitigated gall of considering themselves representative American women. Boycott American women and outsource at once!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daniel decides to boycott American women

Daniel my Brother from Nevada:

American women often look at men as objects, that is a waking wallet, the question is what is she going to give in return? With American women it is not much they just take and take and take. They have no legal or moral obligations. As sex objects American women are often lacking too. But that is a different discussion. File that under unhealthy American women. For me I will just simplify my life and go with foreign women.

As a guy I can say it is not possible for most American women to compete with foreign women. There good American Women but they all taken. The left overs are generally undesirable for a variety of reasons. The foreign option for American guys is an excellent one but in reality few guys will take this. Maybe one half of a percent or less. It is the guys that are immigrants who do this as a rule. They understand what American women are about and look back home to find a suitable mate.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chris says most women raised in the west are junk

Christopher from Seattle writes:

I can agree, filipino girls are great. Most women raised in the west are junk. Many guy have figured this who can afford to travel. You are not alone, a lot of guys do what you have done. American women are like the Detroit auto maker. Foreign auto makers makes cars Americans want to buy and own. It is common knowledge these foreign cars are more reliable and economical to run. Americans vote with there wallets and buy these cars. Every year Detroit loose market share. This is much like the situation with American women, guys just don't want them if they have a choice. Understandably American women don't much like this. American women can do the same, go overseas to find love but this just does not work in practice. Women always want to marry up and are in generally unwilling to marry down in economic terms. This is something guys do not have a problem with, they don't mind helping someone less fortunate the they are.