Saturday, December 31, 2011

American women suck!

Kevin from Arizona writes:

That's the rub ... Feminism is not about equality, etc. It's about power ... it's about creating a new inequality. It's about getting something off the back of someone else just because your an American women. What man wants to loose his property and income because his wife is bored and walks out on him. 75% of divorces in America are initiated by women mostly for trivel emotional reasons. How many jobs can you walk out of after 8 years and collect a paycheck for life? How many jobs will pay you for having children? Have sex with your husband then go to the police and accuse him of rape. Can he defend himself in court against that ?... no. In 85% of child custody cases women threaten to accuse men of child sexual abuse. Having a period is defense for murdering a man. 60% of child abuse is perpetrated by women. Women NEVER pay their child support, they have a much worse record than men. If a thirty-something women has sex with a 12 yr-old boy people say he got lucky. There are so many women beating their child to death each year the CDC has been investigating it as an epidemic. And yet the media NEVER points these things out. Why?... Do you see equality here ?