Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chris says most women raised in the west are junk

Christopher from Seattle writes:

I can agree, filipino girls are great. Most women raised in the west are junk. Many guy have figured this who can afford to travel. You are not alone, a lot of guys do what you have done. American women are like the Detroit auto maker. Foreign auto makers makes cars Americans want to buy and own. It is common knowledge these foreign cars are more reliable and economical to run. Americans vote with there wallets and buy these cars. Every year Detroit loose market share. This is much like the situation with American women, guys just don't want them if they have a choice. Understandably American women don't much like this. American women can do the same, go overseas to find love but this just does not work in practice. Women always want to marry up and are in generally unwilling to marry down in economic terms. This is something guys do not have a problem with, they don't mind helping someone less fortunate the they are.