Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daniel decides to boycott American women

Daniel my Brother from Nevada:

American women often look at men as objects, that is a waking wallet, the question is what is she going to give in return? With American women it is not much they just take and take and take. They have no legal or moral obligations. As sex objects American women are often lacking too. But that is a different discussion. File that under unhealthy American women. For me I will just simplify my life and go with foreign women.

As a guy I can say it is not possible for most American women to compete with foreign women. There good American Women but they all taken. The left overs are generally undesirable for a variety of reasons. The foreign option for American guys is an excellent one but in reality few guys will take this. Maybe one half of a percent or less. It is the guys that are immigrants who do this as a rule. They understand what American women are about and look back home to find a suitable mate.