Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't take American women seriously

Brian from Rhode Island says:

I feel you 100%. Your best weapon against these Feminazi Ameriskanks is INDIFFERENCE. You have to realize that AMERICAN WOMEN DON'T MATTER. Nothing they say.... Nothing they do.... MATTERS. Their existence is irrelevant in the Grand Scheme of Things. The only things they are good for are f*cking and child-rearing... And they can't even get those two things right most times. You must view all women as LOSERS until they prove otherwise. It's not fair, I know. But, then again.... Neither is living in a gender-biased society where "women" reward men for bad behavior and punish them for good behavior. American women nowadays are a walking joke with three d*ckholes. And you should, by all means, treat them as such. I know what I'm saying is rather cold, but trust me you'll be alot at peace with yourself if you stop taking American b*tches seriously.