Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Indian man agrees that American women are low class filth

Ashish from India writes:

I have to agree with whats said about American women here: its a fact that cannot be denied. Feminists are not advocating equal rights : they just want to prove that its always the mans fault and that they somehow deserve everything without working. They marry, divorce and screw the poor guy in court.. and then they get fat with the free paychecks. Ruining the kids childhood and then bit**ing around saying how difficult it is to raise kids as a single mom, character assassinating the ex..

I am Asian (India) well educated and settling down. I tried to be openminded and thought i couldnt generalise about all american women, pursued relationships with them.. i like strong women who have goals are focussed. However the american girls couldnt stop complaining/ bullsh**ing about their ex bfs, or doing drama , being a cry baby: never satisfied. I had been ignoring those as minor culture differences.. I am patient but i had enough. I have come to realize that american women have no qualities worth appreciating or rather the qualities for making a man happy , providing a stable marriage. Asian women are not submissive and nor do i like such women: american women just want to BS asian women to make themselves feel better. There are lot of asian women who are highly educated (in asia and in US/Europe) who treat men as equal with respect. What an idiot i was, thankfully my senses are restored.

I will never spare a thought for American women: have no attraction towards them now. I hope all American men wake up.

I am wondering about the iq of american men who pursue such women. Lol they already hate asians cause we dont fall for their traps, i guess the statements above wont help it.