Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Men should not tolerate rude American women

Steven from USA writes:

Dear friends,
I would have to agree that many of the comments about women. Some young American women are extremely shallow and rude. They are selfish, entitled, bitchy, and will dump a man on the slightest whim. I have met both sides of the coin. The beautiful ones that are rude, the beautiful ones that are polite. More often than not, when a woman is rude, it has usually something to do with her self image--she considers herself entitled to the best things in life, regardless of her inability to earn those things. Her attitude toward the commoner is- how does he even have the gall to look in my direction? He "is so creepy". How can they make a judgement on someone without even knowing them? This hurts my feelings to the point where I almost get sick. This is the kind of bull*** that ***** me off. What makes these American women think they can treat men any way they want and still expect respect in return? I have often been nice to women, only to get a mean response. I will stop being nice and put these b***** in their place. Funny thing is, these very bi***** try to hit on the younger men after multiple divorce with really good men whom they ripped off. Like the younger men would want to touch an ugly old feminist s*** with a stick. I find these kinds of women very nasty and disgusting. As long as ment keep tolerating garbage from american women, feminism will prevail. Men have every right to be equally rude to american wh****. Good luck to good men.