Monday, December 19, 2011

The system has destroyed women in America

Ken from LA wrote:

We're not criticizing the gender; we're criticizing the system.

Only in America can a woman cheat on her husband or abandon the family, and the law says he STILL has to give her half the marital assets in the divorce.

Only in America can a woman claim false domestic abuse with no question on her word, and the man is guilty until proven innocent. Not just in court, but in the workplace. I don't dare have casual conversation with ANY woman in the workplace for fear of losing my job. Is this the equality feminists have so dearly wanted?

Only in America does a mother collect child support tax free with zero accountability that the $$$ is being used on the CHILDREN and not being hoarded by the deceptive mother. And the man cannot use child support as a tax deduction which puts a great burden on his income.

Only in America can a POW return home from Iraq and be arrested by the local sheriff for non-payment of child support.

Only in America can a man lose his house at the hands of a girlfriend (not WIFE) who filed a false domestic abuse. The law jails the man and the woman takes over the house.

Cohabitation with ANY woman in America is DANGEROUS. That's not attacking the gender, that's attacking the system.