Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American women hate men

John in Virginia:

Don't waste your time with an American woman they letterally hate men! They don't like men at all they want just someone that kiss them ass! That is all! You will be just a decoration for them EGO! Unfortunately there is many poor men that to follow a educational roule they believe that be stuck in hell and slavery is the mission! hell no! Wy you want waste a single day with someone that pretend to be spoil to consider you! it is love? Heel no! Stay away from American women, they will ruin your life!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Austin says American women suck

Austin from Texas says:

American women…,ahh man I tell you they are very unique. I think it all started with the freaken feminst equal right movement. Because untill then women were WOMEN. I mean they spoke, dressed and behaved like women and they knew their limits. But now, its hard to even spot a women with morals anymore.

Equal rights and freedom for women is wrongly understood for independence to what ever they want. Meaning, break the barriers of age old values and morals.


1. we see women threatening to divorce husbands and leave with children for very petty and silly reasons.

2. Sueing men for child support while they can sit on their fat asses and watch tv all day.

3. Men can’t be honest and say they dont like something that their women does– in fear that she might drop a divorce bomb shell or break up anytime.

4. Laws and the culture here have made america a breeding ground for women that are worlds worst slobs.

So people, get smarter, times have changed, and women have transformed themselves beyond belief in this country. Turning into psychotic, bipolar, direspectful and insane slobs.

Women in other countries are raised differently. They are taught to be supportive, to respect and care of their men and their families that. Due to this they make good wives and home makers. And they also stick wtih their men throuigh think and thin not leaving their partners. They work towards making thing better in all way possible. Their men and thier families come first.

So, Find some one who is not from United States. Countries like, Thai land, Phillipines, indonesia, India(may be) might be good places to look for.

Good Luck Guys!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

American men are tired of feminism

Bobby from Kansas:

American men are tired of feminism, plain and simple. What started off as a positive movement has turned into and ugly beast. Men are tired of all the complaining, anti depressants, self pity, and double standards.

Men now have so many choices when searching for a partner in life. Guys, spend some time in any Asian country and you will realize what you have been missing. It has nothing to do with being submissive. This is just an easy way for American women to rationalize why many men now reject them. If it was not for the high cost of travel, and the immigration nightmare, more men would be marrying abroad. I did it 10 years ago and I am so thankful everyday!

What makes it a harder pill to swallow is that American women do not have the same option. Where else in the world are American women going to find men that are so wimpy and kiss so much buttocks..lol

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bitter American women are angry because no one wants them anymore

Lindsey, a bitter American woman is angry:

I've met far, far too many men who refuse to date American women.  I work some on a regular basis who vow they will never, ever date American women because we're mostly all gold diggers, have poor attitudes, only want a man for his wallet, and have tremendous senses of entitlement.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Susan admits that foreign women make better wives

From Susan, from America:

Lots of our friends married women from overseas because they are willing to sacrifice for them, to put their marriage ahead of their personal carrier. The foreign women are still be willing to stay home and raise their own children instead of shoving them off into daycare like most American women. Foreign women are willing to make sure that their household and family are taken care of first. This is something many American women are not willing to do until later in life. We tend to want to put ourselves first, our careers and "success" which is great but that means sometimes sacrificing good men that are ready to settle down long before we are. In other words, we missed out on most of the good men and it's too late us for now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

British man boycotts American women

Patrick from England:

This is correct. I am a European living in the United States and I was told by several European man and European women to stay away from American women and stick to European women. Even my own sister says this American women. The main problem in USA is they are very demanding consumers, yet want everything cheap or free and their women are extremely selfish entitled "princesses" with trash psychology. You won't be given a second chance even by a fat and ugly US woman. White straight male is the most hated creature in the whole of United States.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thailand, great place and great women!

Talen from  Thailand:

Visit Thailand. Good wives are easy to find. Good girlfriends are easy to find. Feminist bull is hard to find. Thai women aren’t buying. My girlfriend thinks American women are crazy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joe's message to American women

Joe's message to all American women:

You know what bitches? thats still a man’s sperm you are using to impregnate yourself.Just cos you are too ugly to fuck,meg.All you dumb cunts need to start respecting men.If you have any power,men gave it to you.

You American females like being muscular like us,men.Fine but don’t act like you can survive without us.To the fag with the dumb post above me,if you like being so feminent and handing over all the power to women,you have no right to call yourself a man.Man was,is and always will be superior to women.If females wanted to be strong,independent,in control who the fuck do you think these dumb vags learned it from?MEN.Fuck all feminist cunts and the dumb faggots who support them.No such thing as being “equal”.Menarebetterthanwomen.com.Suck it fat,ugly feminists and burn in hell fags.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

White American women can't stand white men marrying non-white women

Roger in America:

Any American man who has travelled outside of America can testify to how different foreign women are from American women. My question is- do you think American women are the biggest whores on earth?

No where else has such a high infidelity rate, divorce rate, and so on, that America has. Also, American women are totally low class compared to foreign women.

Another question is- What sane American man would marry an American woman, when there are so many nice girls avaliable in the world today, such as from Asia, South America, Middle East?

No, the fact is, asian women are generally very intelligent, chaste, and well behaved, in contrast to the barbarian American woman, who acts like a totally uncivilized animal.

The only American men who marry American women are the men who have never been outside of America before. Otherwise, they would see how low class American women are in comparison to women of other countries.

I mean, come on!, let's just face the facts:


That is why white women are so envious of asian women, especially asian women who date/marry white guys.

Friday, March 11, 2011

American women are sluts

Ben in Canada:

American Women believe Sex and the City is a role model for happiness American Men, on the other hand, believe Sex and the City is a story about 4 shrews who are pitiful and unhappy The one good thing about American Women is that they are such sluts

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Western women out of luck in Asia

Asian women are superb!! Western women can't compete on equal terms in Asia.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tim says American women are unwanted by foreign men

Tim from America speaks:

If American women are so desireble, why are there so many websites out there trying to hook up American men with foreign women, although there are NO websites out there trying to hook up American women with foreign women?

If American women are so desirable, why is it that over 50 percent of them are single with no boyfriend/husband?

Sorry, you American women need to WAKE UP and come out of your pathetic dream world. NO ONE WANTS YOU! The only men you can get are American men who are stupid enough to date you. Otherwise, no man in the world wants anything to do with an American woman.

In poll after poll, American men are the most desirable husbands in the whole world, and the same polls show that American women are the LEAST desirable wives in the whole world.

Time to wake up and smell the facts. Sorry if it bursts your pathetic bubble, American ladies.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Frank says American women make terrible wives

Frank in California:

I once read an article about how most American women made terrible marital companions. I think the “consumer culture” has a lot to do with it. Women are conditioned to think that they must have the best of everything, even just starting out. Go into a mall, and see how many men’s clothing stores there are in comparison to women’s clothing stores. The other thing is that so many American women don’t feel that a man’s feelings are important.

By the way, 67 percent of all divorces are initiated by women. And men in their 40s are feeling very uneasy about being served divorce papers–because it happens a lot, and right out of the blue? Why? Their wives think they can do better, and want to get back out into the “dating market” while they are still “looking good.”

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Matt in Germany thinks American women suck

Matt from Germany:

I've been to a lot of countries, but the women in America are so spoiled and stuck up. They really don't know how good they have it compared to other countries. Why act like that? American women are stuck up selfish, spoiled, egocentric golddiggers. Who AGREES with this statement?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Normal man replies to hateful feminist

Normal man replies to hateful feminist

Hateful feminist says: Men are not doing what they're supposed to.

Normal man: Who are you to define what men should do? If a man defines what women do, you and the rest of the "feminists" scream patriarchy! So why should men listen to you?

Hateful feminist: Is it because of women spoiling them?

Normal man: Women continue to spoil the worst alpha male types, who don't appreciate it and crap on the nice guys. Who's fricking fault is that?

Hateful feminst: Less men are taking the role of fathers/care takers/providers and they actually expect their spouse to continually baby them and stroke their ego even though in most cases they don't deserve such attention.

Normal man: Women don't allow men to be fathers. Your kind constantly says things like the baby is mine cause it comes out of my body. Women dump their husbands and don't allow fathers to see their kids, and the feminists run courts allow that. If you want men to take more responsibility, you have to allow men to have ACTUAL RIGHTS. Something you and your sisters will never allow.

Hateful Feminst: In the two parent homes I've noticed the mother playing the role as mother and father while the father is out for long periods: womanizing, betting, or doing criminal activities.

Normal man: You forgot working long hours like a slave so the princess and HER kids can have whatever they want. Typical smug modern day feminsts atttitued you have there.

Hateful Feminist: The wealthy tend to throw money at their problems and tend to be absent fathers due to "work". Has this become the average American home? The women take all the burden while the men go out and have fun. What do you think is the issue with American men?

Normal man: So if you bust your butt and provide a great life for your wife and kids lthen you're and evil absent male due to "work" if you stay home, you're a lazy bum with no ambition. BTW work, is not fun and fricking games! Work, real work, important work that makes money is hard! No one pays you alot of money for doing nothing! if you actaully had a real job, you'd understand that. And you wonder why more men don't want to sign up and marry constantly whining harpys such aas yourself.

Hateful Feminsts: What do you think is the issue with American men?

Normal man: Maybe there aren't any women worth rising to the occasion for. You're proof of that.