Friday, April 29, 2011

Blake says American women are too selfish

Blake from Hong Kong (from America originally):

Claiming that American men who marry foreign women just want submissive slaves, is just sour grapes on the part of American women. Furthermore, the only reason many American women enjoy careers and 'independence' is because big daddy government imposes quotas and affirmative action which make it mandatory to hire women and admit them into colleges and universities. Men don't have this unfair advantage. Whatever men have, it's because they earned it on their own by themselves and therefore deserve more credit.

In answer to this question, the reason I went overseas was because after 4 (yes 4) unsuccessful relationships back to back from American women I decided that possibly that I could meet someone that would NOT take me for a ride. American women are nothing but greedy, arogant, pompous witches and care nothing for anyone but them selves. Well maybe their kids but only if it gets them what they want and desire. As an American male I have been subject to ridicule by many, NOT All women. However, most American females are looking out for number one and not for anyone else. It does not matter what area of the U.S. They are from they only care for what they can get out of someone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Indian men don't like American girls

An indian man from India:

I cannot say about american guys but yes, we in India would never dream of having an american women.The reason is not far to find.What does a male look for in a female? Yeah, feminity is the answer.And look at an American women.Except for physical characterstics,she does not appear to have any femenine characters left in her.And this should be the sole reason that guys in america do not find anything appealing in their women.Of-course there are exceptions to this.But this is true in general.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Feminism is artificially independence

Albert in USA:

What I find laughable is American women who proclaim their “independence”, but in reality are often heavily dependent on things like government welfare, alimony from former spouses, child support from former lovers, quotas and affirmative action to get jobs they wouldn’t otherwise qualify for, admissions quotas to gain admission into colleges and universities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain admissions into, and on and on it goes. Feminism is about women who organize and cry to big mommy and big daddy government and demand special rights and special handouts, almost always at the expense of men. They organize, protest, demonstrate, stomp their feet, pound their fists, and cry and whine to the government much like spoiled bratty children cry and whine to their parents. Strong and independent? Who do they think they’re kidding?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

American women are living in a fantasy world

George from Lousianna:

American women have unrealistic, idealized visions of their dream guy and dream life. These visions are basically impossible and completely unrealistic to attain. So American women will just move from man to man for years, dating hundreds of men and never finding the perfect one.

Sure, some of them do find this perfect man, the 1% of men out there who are rich, classy, educated, in shape, healthy, upscale, socially charming and also compatable with that particular woman's personality. Some women do find this dream man who matches the media-perpetuated ideal of the ideal mate. But most women never find it, so they date hundreds and hundreds of guys, never finding the right one.

Although American women demand such perfection from men, they are truely in no position to be picky. Many of them are physically quite unnattractive, it is no secret that America has the highest obesity rates in the world for decades until very recently. The average American woman truely does NOT have an impressive physique. But to be fair, many American men are overweight and do not take care of thir bodies either.

If you manage to gain an American woman's interest and begin dating her. She will dump you if you make one wrong move. One social blunder, one weakness revealed, one vulnerability exposed, and they will turn on you and begin the process all over again with a new man next week.

They do not try to make things work. They do not try to compromise. They do not simply accept your flaws. Instead they just move on.

Indeed, American women these days are true "players". But unlike male "players" who are out mainly for sex, American women are out for sex, financial stability, money and a personality free from any weaknesses in their mates.

Not all women are like this. In many other cultures. The women still believe in romance, passion, personality, finding a man with is interesting and creative..... not in the USA though. Dating in the USA is like going to McDonalds or Starbucks. It's cheap, simple, they know what they want, and it had better be perfect or else they will take it back and go somewhere else. It is like a business deal, a contract in which everything is clearly outlined and must be met, or else the contract will be broken immediately.

Of course not ALL american women are like this. But the vast majority of them are. This is what the media tells them they should be. This is what many of them have been indoctrinated into in todays society. This is what American culture has become thanks to the awful TV, music, and other media that brainwashes people from a young age.

For you men out there who have traveled the world and dated in other countries. Surely you know what i'm saying.

America is a country full of sexually frustrated men who cannot find girlfriends because the women are so incredibly elusive and perfectionist. Especially we working men who do not have money to throw around and to pamper women with. Our dating lives are abysmal. Even though we have a lot to offer, even though we are in shape, handsome, creative, kind.... no money, no luck.

In many other countries, we men have a MUCH more satisfying dating life, and a much better chance of finding a good, stable, accepting, down to Earth women to fall in love with. Who is happy just living the simple life and BUILDING a life with you, instead of looking for a man who has already built his life up.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American women complain too much

Mr. Fully Monty, from New York:

American women are conditioned (ALL while seldom being disciplined- that's TWICE why women got such leeway to be social devients) from the very start to be fake, demanding, condesceding, conceded, punky, selfish, often shitty lays depending on wimp factor who takes them to bed, controlling, stubborn, macho, emasculating, manipulative, "want a man to gay it up and often act TOUCHY FEELY", catty, irresponsible, child-like (often acting like little girls well into their 40's) "i dont need a man" quick to cheat whore walk away with everything you have mindset...all while not saving anyone from anything and their "strengths" are too often used for bad insead of good. 

Why marry a foreign woman instead of an American woman? Because many of the American women are nothing but complainers. Sound familiar? My foreign born wife is absolutely perfect. A keeper forever.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American women are retarded

From Mike in Bangkok:

There are tons of American and Western female tourists who come here year-round, and I can spot an American woman a mile away. They are ALWAYS fatter than the European women, they have a tendancy to smoke more, and their skin is leathery- especially the over-40 American woman. They are also rude, generally have chips on their shoulders, and walk around as if they are hot real estate- totally oblivious to the fact that there are tons of European, Thai, Chinese, etc, women who are walking around who are much more attractive than they are. If it weren't so funny it would be ridiculous, and I can't- for the life of me, see what American women see in themselves. Can anyone tell me why American women have such a high opinion of themselves?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pham says avoid nasty white American women

Pham, from France:

Not all american women are bad, I do notice in big cities a lot of nasty white street women with filthy clothes and most with some old negro they picked up on the street. I had this one white woman come up to me. Nasty blonde hair, knocked up and talked like a ghetto hoe bummin for money. Only white women are low class skanks I see on every corner with some thug negro. I am leavin the states soon to go back to my country but american white women are garbage, I could not believe how aful they are. I see women on tv but when you look on the street white women all nasty with diseased look. Its weird because all other races of women seem nice and clean only the white ones were scummy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Issac gives up on dating American women

Issac in America writes:

Yes most of American women are spoiled little bitches, that is why american men look outside America for a wife. Its a double edged sword with american broads: On the one hand they are self centered lttle wanna be princesses, on the other hand Some are demons in the sac. Well a lot young American women are entitlement-monkeys. Even if they lack any personal accomplishments they demand a disproportionate amount of respect while giving little to others.

I have decided to give up on trying to date American women. American women are probably the most materialistic women on Earth. If you are a man who does not have a lot of money, you can basically say goodbye to your entire dating life with American women, regardless of what other qualities you might have.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boycott western women!

Lenny from Kentucky:

What a totally dumbass people American women are, claiming to be "independent and strong". Independence doesn't mean running around shouting and screaming all the time like you are some immature 10 year old, which is what most American and western women act like.

American women claim that American women are "strong" and "independent"? They are such fools that they don't even know what strength is. Strength comes from faith in God, and chastity to one's husband. That is real strength.

Anyway, the truth is out- NO ONE WANTS AMERICAN/WESTERN WOMEN ANYMORE! Over 50 percent of women in America are single and the statistics are probably somewhat similar in other western countries. So, my dear western ladies, enjoy living alone with your 10 cats, while all of the men go and live with beautiful and down to earth foreign women.


Monday, April 11, 2011

American male married to Russian woman

Jeffrey in Tennessee: 

American women have became too independent, too rebellious, have lost traditional values, will divorce their husbands at the drop of a hat, and most have became fat. I have traveled this world both as a soldier and as a civilian, and I can tell you from my experience that American women have the worst reputation for being a wife. I'm an American man and I have been happily married for the past 10 years to a wonderful Russian lady. Not only are Eastern European women very beautiful, but they are also very traditional, my wife takes very good care of me. My wife says that women here in the states act like men and the men act like the wives, she has also said that American men has let their women get away from them. Eastern European women and American men make a great match, if all American men knew the difference between American women and Eastern European women, then American women would be in trouble.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

John says American women can't compete with foreign girls

From John, an American living in eastern Europe:

Hey Andy? Have you read some of these answers? Hilarious!
Me thinks U.S.A women know in their heart of hearts what you say is true, that's why they have to resort to put downs.

American women are more depressed than ever and are turning into Kristy Alley overnight because they eat more fast food and Hagen Daz ice cream in a week than Europeans do in six months. They put on the extra pounds because they no longer respect their husbands.

I agree. I've lived in eastern Europe for a year and what he said is all true. Personally, I like American (and western) women as friends, but anything romantic? Forget about it! First of all, many give off masculine, negative energy: They swear too much, act independent, career driven, have attitude problems, want someone to challenge them, dress like men, and are proud of the fact they can't cook. Do you honestly think men are turned on by that? I'm not. I always laugh when a guy says that's what he wants in a woman, but seriously, they just want to get into her panties because he's desperate and can't attract a normal woman. Now, of course I'm generalizing, but based on experience this is the norm for the majority of western women; and you know what they say about stereotypes and generalizations? IT'S ALL TRUE! After living in eastern Europe I can tell you first hand women are very feminine, slim, and attractive and don't let themselves go after they get married like American women do. Ten years from now, the majority of people living in eastern Europe will know English as a second language and more and more men from feminized societies will come over and look for worthy brides for marriage compared to the freemales they could be stuck with. Because they let themselves go, and don't care what other people (especially men) think of them. In eastern Europe for example, women take pride in their appearance and act more feminine and are family orientated that make American females cringe.

I laugh when women here say, "women are the same everywhere." This couldn't be further from the truth. For one thing, after marriage, they don't let themselves go and turn into starch bombs but remain hot after 2-3 kids.

Marrying an American women is a liability since the divorce rate is at 50% which is initiated 80% by women. Seems like they're first to want marriage, and first to opt out of it. In Europe, it's not that high except in the U.K.

I'll tell you, teaching English in eastern Europe has many advantages. Too bad I didn't make the choice 10 years ago after university.

I've also discovered through the blogosphere more and more western men are searching non western countires to find someone to marry. Who can blame them?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

America women are a big divorce risk

From Andy in Michigan:

US came in number one again for the most divorces in the world. Well, it can only be 1 of 2 reasons. Either it's an issue with the men or the women. In my honest opinion, it is the women. I have friends from every continent on this planet, and many of whom are married. I must say that American wives are absolutely horrific. American men are like slaves to their wives, and yet the wives cheat, complaint, file for divorce, not caring for the children. Let's face it, what do your husbands really want. Just a little loving from time to time and a hot deal, and we'll work like the hamster on the wheel to bring home the cash.

Most American men that are married always complain about their sex life. I mean what is worng with American women. How can you refuse your husbands a little pleasure in bed? Yet, if they want something done, it is their way or else. What is wrong with this country? American husbands get zero respect from their wives and yet it is considered by the society to be treated this way. I think mutual respect and caring is the answer, but I have yet to see a single American wife that treats her husband kindly. They never have anything nice to say about their husbands. What a shame. Just google it.... Worst wives by country... and you see American women over and over again. Can I please get an honest opinion here?? What is wrong with you American women out there. I would like some opinons from the men as well. Thanks all. It is not my intention to offend anyone. I'm just telling it like it is based on my own personal experience and observations.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

American women have unfair double standard

Victor in Ohio:

I don't feel feminism was all that bad (at least in the more opportunities for women sense)and i don't feel women should just be submissive, mindless slaves (how boring that would be for me)but the REAL problem is you have too many women in this country that suffer from the "spoiled princess syndrome". There is a noticable line between a strong, intelligent, respectful, feminine women and the overgirly spoiled princess. There is an unfair double standard against american men today. Women will bitch about guys that hit on them, even make fun of, start rumors or even get other guys after them (this exists trust me at least where i live) then wonder why men don't want to approach them and complain when they aren't getting hit on by further degrading men even more by calling them all types of names. Most American women that are at least average looking on up like this power they have to get men to feel they need to approach them (IF THEY ARE REAL MEN, they will say) so they can enjoy degrading men to only choose men that will disrespect them anyways. It seems finally American men are finally getting smarter themselves and not falling for this charade. That's why you hear more women complaining more than ever about guys not approaching them anymore. You can also thank these overabundent "dating experts, coaches and books" that further brainwash women to play games with men. Next time you hear a spoiled princess say "where did all the cowboys go?", tell them they went to Russia because even they are sick of the double standards, me me me, shallow wants and needs (read most american women's dating profiles where thier interests are romance novels, nightclubs and cellphones) yes means no and no means yes baloney, i found those who had less growing up and actually had to work for everything they had are more respectful towards other people and don't take as many things for granted, both true for men and women here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marky says "American women disgust me"

Marky in America:

This post is right on. American women are not only disgusting and hairy, they have no idea what a woman is supposed to be. They think having high testosterone and a high paying job is their point on this planet which it is not.

Their point is to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex on enough men to enable the men to produce offspring. PERIOD

In ancient times if a woman did not do this they were systematically exiled and/or forced into slave labor which is exactly what is needed today.

American women are the #1 reason America is the most messed up country in the world internally when it should be a superpower on the inside and out.

American women disgust me and are a disgrace for America in the rest of the world’s eyes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fat ass American women

Sid in Egypt:

American women have unrealistic expectations and alot of them are fat. Ever been in a bar and see those pigs line up to the bar drinking? Reminds me of HOGS at a feeder. I built a new house with cash with no help from an American woman so all I have to say is FUCK YOU

As an american man I enjoy my single life and if I happen to find a quality female in this world I will love her. I do not find american women as suitable choices for a life partner. I want a nice female not a bitchy snobby american woman. I do not want a submissive slave but if I do marry someday I would prefer a non american woman.