Friday, July 29, 2011

Why put up with American women?

Jamie from Kansas writes:

Why do american men put up with american bitchy women? When he could get more respect by going to a country like Brazil or Japan or parts of europe and find a women that would be a better wife and hotter with no kids then an american women?? Way settle for single moms?? I just see guys stress out and tell me how american women are, then why put up with a fat loud mouth? American women do tend to be much bitchier than women in other countries. So many of them strive to be shallow princesses like Paris Hilton here. Talk about a stupid role model.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

American women are prostitutes

Edward from America writes:

Have you ever heard of a place called the Middle East? People living in that region of the world don't have sex with millions of people before getting married. American women are prostitutes compared to Middle Eastern women.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Paul says American women are whores

Paul from Elwinsger writes:

Why are American women so promiscuous? America loves to talk about her values, but in reality America is a deceitful slut, "Americans suffer from negative health effects brought on by their sexual conduct at a rate that is three times higher than other economically advanced countries, according to a study published in Sexually Transmitted Infections." The average American female loses her virginity at 15 years of age, and indulges in fornication with multiply sexually partners before reaching her mid-20s. Why is this so? "According to a study featured in the Journal of Sex Research, various studies have shown that a majority of adolescents first engage in sexual intercourse before they graduate from high school." America loves to talk about conservative Christians values. But in reality true Christians values regarding sex is align to most American "Christians." The Bible teaches people to be abstinence before marriage, yet to most American "Christians," casual sex is seen as the norm and is practice regulary by most women, and men. Why is this so? Why are American women such sluts?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Donald gives up on American women

Donald in DC writes:

I tried for 12 years with American women and I gave up so many times and I tried one more time recently and I realised - USA WOMEN ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. They will sleep with uyou and 5 other men, they will quit you whenever they feel like and they will suck you dry and they are so arrogant and hateful towards men, especially white men. I will never ever date, sleep or even talk (except if necessary during daily business and shopping). I went Asian 5 years ago and I never looked back! I even learned several Asian languages in the process of dating. While there are some nice American women, who are nice when they are old and you talk to them just for 10 minutes, but I found that 95% are complete trash. The worsening conditions in California caused by "crappy women" or simply put, American women are crap. The primary cause of Americas bankruptcy is feminism. Feminism is the cancer in Americas heart. IT needs to be removed before it is too late. There is a chance to heal if we take the cure soon enough.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

12 steps for American women to take before they get totally boycotted

Daniel in San Francisco:

To American women:
If you don't want us American men to shun you, I recommend you:

1.Learn financial responsibility.
2.Stop running to the government to continue your little game of one-upmanship against us that allows you to be dependent on our hard-earned money.
3.Lose weight and learn how to stay in shape without doing drugs or developing eating disorders.
4.Stop cheating on us.
5.Stop claiming that you want a "nice-guy" while instead you only go for yuppies, pick-up-artists, players, thugs, badboys, and douchebags.
6.Stop selling yourself out to the latest trends and develop TRUE individuality
7.Drop the self-entitlement
8.Drop the American ego. America's not perfect, so everyone has to stop strutting around like we are.
9.Stop watch all of that shallow crap (like the Hills) that everyone puts on TV. There's more to life than pop-culture, and it has already messed up our society.
10.Learn to appreciate when a nice guy helps you with something, and remember him (don't just throw on the charm just so you can use him and chuck him aside).
11.Stop complaining that you keep getting used, abused, fucked and chucked for someone else, Unless you stop chasing after assholes (like the ones mentioned in #5).
12. Repeal IMBRA. There are more effective ways of preventing abuse, and it violates our rights to tie the knot with whoever we want. This is obviously just an attempt to narrow the field for us. If you want people to be interested in American women, then get rid of these laws so you can prove that you are just as good as foreign women. If you don't repeal them, you are just proving that you can't compete and that you have no intention of improving yourselves.

*Keep in mind, every second you waste, you are only losing the respect of men. If you do not improve your ways, it will mean the end of this country as we know it. If it does, I will be in some other country before it all goes down.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucky to find a wonderful Asian woman

George in Alabama writes:

I don't hate American women, but I have dated many. I was lucky to find a wonderful Asian woman. Personally, I would not trust marrying an American woman under age 40. I don't doubt that there are some good ones, but they are probably married by their early 20's and STAY married. If you want someone over age 23 who is not already married, she will likely be one of the selfish, vindictive types with an inborn sense of entitlement. This likely happens because every time you see an American girl or woman on tv. they are portrayed as fickle, shallow, greedy, confrontational, never satisfied, materialistic and completely lacking in personal accountability. No wonder many girls grow up thinking that is how they are supposed to act.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thomas in RI speaks the truth!

Thomas in Rhode Island writes:

American women are scum. They are out for nothing but money and will sue any man/business owner they can , usually under that flimsy sexual harrassment premise. American women are the most evil of all creatures on earth.
I get frustrated with the easiness of divorce in America and the huge benefits usually given to women. It really is hard to find an American woman who doesn't act spoiled rotten and self-righteous. I do know plenty of nice American girls though who won't backstab you. American culture is growing diluted by the angry woman mindset that seems to permeate everything.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The end result of feminism in America

Joseph in Florida writes:

Currently the USA has a 50% divorce rate with the average marriage lasting five years. There are over 1 million babies born a year to unwed mothers. There are 1.5 million abortions a year. There is 2.5 million men in prison. There are ten million men or so who live in society as felons. Many of them recreational drug users who did not follow the rules when given them. There are over 2 million gang members in America today. The college university ratio percentage is 60% women to 40% men. Now to all of you American ladies, what the hell do you think the end result is going to be when there is a great reduction in money in our culture? For forty years we have treated men like vermin. In poverty areas many became that. In areas where there were responsible parents, many succeeded, but a high percentage has not. A safety valve was created in construction and other like jobs in the private sector and military, police, etc. jobs in the public sector. Tell me, how do we fix this? when men are not educated to be pillars of society they have the capability to become animals. You see glimpses of it all around you. I worry about end games. End games involve wars and exterminations. America is not immune to this anymore. If we survive this downturn intact, I guarantee somewhere else around the world will not.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American women are low class, says Charles

Charles from El Paso says:

Filipina women are taught to be faithful from a young age, unlike American women. And to make matters more better, the Philippines is the most Christian country in Asia. Filipinas have christian values from a very young age and are taught to care for their families. American women women on the other hand are taught to swindle money from their family and to divorce a man, take a man for all he is worth. That is why I like filipina, they are more educated than American women, they have christian values, and taught how to be faithful through example. American women are quite the opposite as one can see from the posts made by American women here. The question is, why the hell would men downgrade themselves by marrying an American woman? Those men that marry american women are pretty desperate in my opinion. Alot of guys would agree with me that asians are the best. Not only are they smarter but prettier and in better shape. When I think of american, I picture a fat ass white woman. But with asians such as filipinos, or even south americans, they are very nicely tanned, good shape, and also smart. American women are losers and full of inconsistencies. On the other hand, American women are money grabbing whores. Look at your high divorce rate. All they want to do is find ways to divorce a guy and then take their money. They are very annoying people and are angry all the damn time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

American women are insecure

James in America says:

Actually American men marry foreign women because they are more "accomodating" to men's needs, they tend to be more "forgiving" of men's mistakes AND they are less likely to divorce their husbands at the drop of a hat. Given our numerous options we just don't find American women desirable anymore. As you are aware, the anti- American women sentiment among men runs very very deep in this country - I mean, just look at the countless number of foreign bride and anti-American women websites in the internet, and not to mention the numerous anti-American women threads on Topix. Hon, in this day and age, we American men just don't want you gals anymore. There is no hate among American men here - it's just that we don't find American women desirable anymore and instead, we prefer foreign brides. Why do American women acti so angry and scornful? Don't men have the right to say who they find desirable and who they choose to marry?? I don't understand why American women are all up in arms over this discussion - it seems to me that many of you American gals have rather low self-esteem.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

American women are vicious sociopaths

Michael from Detroit:

We all know how an American woman will play with your emotions, and will use it to her advantage. After she does everything she can get a man into a rage, she will call the cops and tell them that she fears for her life. The man will go to jail, and the woman sits at home, smiling because she won. Then if a divorce is involved, she will rape you for everything you have, financially and mentally, for the rest of your life. Then will use your need to see the kids as a weapon. No wonder men go elsewhere to find a woman.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

American women don't cook

William from California says:

The fact that american women don't want to fold socks is evidence that they suck. Think about it. Why should I be with you if I still gotta do it. I gotta pay the mortgage AND do my own laundry? Eff that. Rather have a chick from the pueblos of Mexico that is hot, young, nice, cleans, and will actually take a pan from the cupboard and are you ready for this? She will put edible objects inside and get this! She will turn on the flame and COOK THEM SO THAT HER MAN MAY CONSUME THEM. A very bizare concept to the American woman yes I know.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Women are very dangerous

Robert from Utah speaks:

Yep, America let the American woman off the LEASH, some 35 years ago. And they really showed the world what they are capable of...
lesbianism, up 250%...
murders against children by their mother's, up 400%...
Prison population increase of women, up 100% since 1975,increased at a faster rate than the number of male inmates.
Yes, American girls, you really showed the world what your capable of when left to your own devices. lmao.. american woman are so much dangerous now. careful folks!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kevin speaks about American women

Kevin from New York:

I think American women started going downhill after the mid-80s. Before that, they were okay. Maybe it has something to do with the rebellious pop culture that evolved during that time (I don't know for sure), but the end result of what they have become is despicable. And now karmic law has kicked in and they are paying the price for what they have become. What's so ironic is that so many of them have the nerve to bitch and complain when us guys go after prettier, better women. Go figure. American women can have all the "rights" in the world and it isn't going to help them find a good guy. You American woman are hard to sell because you are low quality and over-priced. Many foreign women are high quality and much cheaper. I think you get my point.

Friday, July 1, 2011

American women are like prison food

Kevin in New Jersey writes:

The vast majority of American women suck. A general statement because it is generally true. No mystery to that. So I say just eff them. Hell they're so sexually liberated now so why not take advantage of it. I'ts not like you're abusing them, or giving them the raw end of the deal. They WANT to get boned and thats what us guys are here for. No harm no foul. Just don't marry one.

If American women are so great why aren't men from all over the world wanting to marry them like foreign women do with American men? Face it, the only men that can put up with your shit are American men and even we are getting tired of it. Serioulsy, where is this great demand for American women? It's just not there. You crazy American broads can yell and scream about how all these women just want us for green cards, but what it comes down to is numbers. Lot's of foreign women want to get with American men while the deamand for American women is very small when compared to that for American men. Again there is very little demand for American women outside of the USA. Make of it what you will but it is the truth. The fact that there are desirable men out there dating foreign women should scare the crap out of American women. Which is probably why this issue brings out such intense emotions in them. I would say most guys that have the means to travel are almost always happier with dating overseas than here. It's like prison food, if thats all you know it probably starts to not taste that bad, but once you are out and get a taste of a good steak you never want to go back to what you were eating in prison. How many websites sole purpose is so foreign men can meet American women? Not many. Lot's of websites where foreign women are looking for American men though. American women have a horrible reputation throughout world, way worse than that of American men. If you want to get in a deabte about who is considered more desirable to the outside world American men or American women I will have that debate with you.