Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canadian women suck, boycott them also!

Thomas in Canada writes:

I don't think foreign men would want an american women. I believe most the world hates you anyway. No, it is because america sucks, and foreign men know that. Why would anyone want to marry one of those and cut short their happiness? American women are no longer desired in their own country, let alone overseas.

if you want brainwashed femminist ball breakers you don't need to look across the border buddy! our canadian women are the worst ball-breakers in the world....and i know because i've traveled to every continent on earth... i married a european woman and couldn't be happier.. .a friend married a philippino woman ......and my brother in law married a thai woman..they both got good women... you can't blame the north american women for the most part....they've been fed this victim mentality,that the evil white males are to blame for all their problems....they're oppressed....they are victims,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joseph says to marry foreign women

Joseph in America writes:

LOL, like most american women, when they realize they are not the center of the universe, they get resentful. It is known that foreign women do make better wives, even better career women. There are some good western women, but very few and they are hard to find. I wouldn't want any american woman either. You can't get any worst then a american woman, they sue you for everything and make false claims of abuse. Regardless of what you think, I am very lucky man. Marrying a american woman is a dead end. The rewards or satisfaction from marrying a western woman is very minimal, and the risks are just too great.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

American women will divorce you and sue you for everything

Charles from Austin, Texas writes:

American girls will divorce you and sue you for everything you have, and leave you with nothing. American women are feminist assholes that do not know how to take care of a man. They don’t know how to cook good food. One reason why so many americans are fat, because the women are lousy cooks and don’t know anything. I recently married a woman from the Philippines. We been together for a long time. She is a wonderful wife, and her native food is very healthy. She dosen’t need to diet in order to look beautiful, because her native food is sufficient. The only thing American women know how to prepare is healthier burgers LOL. Too busy for anything so they try to make fast food into something healthy, like convenience food. Sure, there are alot of nice looking American girls, but that dosen’t turn me on at all. I can just look at a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat, it is just the same LOL. But the Asian women, especially Eastern European are the best, very beautiful women, with the good attitude along with it. They make good wifes, they are family oriented, friendly, without that western attitiude crap you see from western women. Alot of guys are looking overseas for a companion because they are sick of the bullshit from american women. American women have snotty stuck up attitudes, and that is enough to put a man in an early grave. My filipina wife treats me with dignity, respect, and also take care of me, and because of that I also do the same for her. Respect goes both ways. American women are feminist pigs who thing men are scum of the earth. Well, you can only live up to their expectations, they think we are pigs, then we can only live up to their expectation of us and act like pigs. You go to other country and meet other women, they are so different from American women in all ways. Men, don’t marry an american woman. Don’t do that to yourself. Keep your options open. Expand your horizons.

Friday, November 25, 2011

NYC man says American women are white trash

Richard from New York City writes in:

True, American women are very materialistic and unappreciative. They get jealous of what other women have very easily in both material and spiritual things. Alot of the rants I read from American women is based on jealousy and selfishness. No doubt alot of men would go overseas for relationships. Well, because of American women, divorce rates are sky rocketing. I think family is dying out and america is losing it's way because of American women like yourself. At least with foreign women, I can at least have a greater chance of a successful marriage and also better for our children's future. It is because of American women that america is dying. American women are a bunch of rotten pigs who come up with this feministic trash. You are just american white trash.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

David says American women are crazy

David in Michigan writes:

Any guy, secure or insecure got to be crazy to marry an American women. There is also a misconception that those who marry foreign women are abusers. That is not true. I am married to a foreign woman, and our relationship is based on love and our faith. I just don't trust western women. I don't know how anyone can marry or be with women like that.

American woman are basically worthless wives. They want a 'dual career' marriage. They are very materialistic. Once you stop buying them things, they are off to the next john. They can't make it on their own and end up leeches. They are always btchy 90% of the time. Some are bi-polar nutcases. Don't lest looks fool you. Women turn ugly at 30-32 yrs old. They get fat and smell. That is when they want you back. No one wants them. Solution: Marry an Asian woman who has NOT been brought up in the USA. They are great wives. The do great with the kids while the man is out working. By all means, stay away from American women, most are bi-sexual.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Williams talks about the middle east wars

William in Kentucky writes:

This is what the war in the Middle East is about, not oil, they don`t want there woman becoming like American women, why do you think America went to hell? go back to the 1970`s women`s lib movement, women don`t stay home and nurture there kids like nature intended thats why children are screwed up, also the divorce rate. a common stat,80 percent of all men in prison were raised just by mothers. No male influence,so they go to jail and become bitches single parents don`t work. Enjoy your birth control and your right to work but you screwed up this country.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Michael says American women are hypocritical

Michael in Tennessee said:

I know many men who are married to foreign women and most of them had options with American women but CHOSE to court foreign women instead because of the general perception that foreign women are loyal, intelligent, strong and family-oriented. Did you know that many of these guys are also high-level professionals (like doctors, lawyers, executives, business owners, etc.)?.. It's also so ironic to see that many of these young foreign brides marry into an affluent household and they enjoy a privileged life while many many American women are struggling to survive in this recession. But you know what, these foreign brides do have good hearts - if American women would ask for bread, our ladies would NOT say "then let them eat cake"; instead, they would gladly share their bread (and caviars, of course!) with American women.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Robert says American women are too risky

Robert in Oregon writes:

There are some good American women, but as a group, they pose a higher risk of future divorce compared to more traditional foreign women. This is one of the reasons that a growing number of well-off American men are marrying foreign brides. There are hundreds (if not thousands) od internet dating sites helping American men meet women from Russia, Ukraine, Phillippines, Thailand, China, Columbia, etc., etc. One of the problems here is that many young American women have become just like Brittany Spears - materialistic and emotionally unstable. Thus, they are not marriage-material and thus, easily discarded.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John says Do not marry an American woman of any race!

John in California says:

The sickness of feminism has made American women ugly. Ugliness is the mark of feminism, the scar left on women unlucky enough to be its victim. How can a women ever be beautiful after this infection? By deciding to be a women again and sever her man as a woman should. Some women have been tricked into seeing themselves as beautiful because of feminism, but this is a lie.

My dear American women, you need to understand that during these enlightened times, more American men just don't want American women anymore. I agree, in general, American women are not very bright. In fact, all these broads just showed everyone how intellectually challenged they are. I mean, who wants weak and stupid American women? Like you, I am going for the foreign girls! Asian women rock!!!! I also hear that compared to American women, foreign women are less likely to file for a divorce. Anyone aware of any recent studies that were done on this issue? Yeah, I agree with you, bud, I think the presence of many feminist pigs here is rather a turn off for many American (and Canadian) men. Like they say, "go East, young man". I don't need a study. It is true. The American woman has been exposed for what she is. Their days of dominating the marriage are dwindling rapidly. The word is out: DO NOT MARRY AN AMERICAN WOMAN OF ANY RACE!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

American women are very selfish

James from Texas writes:

Unfortunately for American women they do not have the overseas option, women in general just will not marry down, if a guy has less than she does she will not touch him. Most of the rest of the world is poorer that America. American women may perform all kinds of mental masturbation to explain this but the facts remain the same, American women will not go for a guy from a poorer country. On the other hand American guys, and in fact guys in general are very generous and will help a woman who has less than he does. This is something women just will not do. Another thing I hate about American women is that they are dirty. They do not shower before work. Gross! Filipinos are very clean people, they shower everyday. American woman are very piggish and overweight, and sweat alot.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is too short to deal with American women

Patrick from Oregon writes:

American women are very fat and unfeminine. All you have to do is travel to any foreign country to see the difference. American women have lost all their femininity and sense of affection. You notice this at the teen level. That's why so many American men fall in love with foreign women. They are so much more pleasant and attractive. Life is too short to deal with an obese, unfeminine American wife.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

American women are immature snobs

Walter from New Jersery writes:

Having served in the army abroad (Korea) and seeing alot of different people I think I can honestly say that the quality of U.S women has declined to the point of where alot of good american guys are going to lose out because of the obesity and snobby immature personalities that have taken over of the women here. Just today I went out and in a university town where the young population is large, I couldn't believe my eyes at the large number of pigs everywhere and the small amount of normal looking or average girls around.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dennis HATES AMERICAN WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis from Montana writes:

I have traveled all over the globe and American women are among the most overweight on the globe and have attitude to match their weight pound for pound. I find Asian and Eastern European women do not have attitudes are very proud to show their femininity, and they are NOT overweight... Mr Money has got it right! I have found in America that men who have not traveled abroad extensively are totally clueless to this fact. But if heavy women with attitude is your thing, have at it bro! Different strokes for different folks.... But there is so much better out there if you really want it and are willing to make the journey to find it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

American women are gross says Canadian man

John from Canada writes:

Yeah. It's true. I am from Canada but had the horrible experience of living in the USA for 5 years. American women are gross. I always wondered why so many of my ex-girlfriends would yack on and on about how the guys are so aggressive in the USA when they visit and why all these models/actresses are from Canada. After living there I know precisely why. Attractive women in America are so rare, it's ridiculous. The only exceptions are places with lots of foriegners like NY and Miami. But generally, US women are so overweight and somehow they are capable of retaining average to good-looking men, despite their atrocious looks and crass mannerisms. I feel sorry for American guy. But I tell every single woman in Canada, complaining about a lack of men, to go to the USA. Even a fat women can get a decent-looking man.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lose some weight, American ladies!

Jerry from Minnesota writes:

I agree with this topic, i think American Women, when compared to the rest of the world, are the most laziest in appearance... they dress down to their Pajamas when they go out, they get really fat maybe thats all that fits... They hardly wear makeup, or heels, they smell and dont shower. I was born here, and i get constant putdowns and dirty looks when i get dressed up and wear a little makeup. I find that this country is on a bad road of acceptance of ugly and fat women. They are not cute, they should not be equals to women who are gorgeus and slim... women who work hard at looking good.

If you are lazy and ugly then you should not be so sensitive when you are put down. Hose your self off, lose those extra 50 pounds wear some makeup and get some self-respect and self-esteem, work your ass off and have some dignity. Dont give others a reason to pick on you. Its not attractive being fat, it looks awful and its harmful for your health. STOP, eating mcdonalds everyday for breakfast, LADIES! please take a good long hard look at your selves and do something about this. I don't think we should be defending this harmful lifestyle. We should not be so accepting of fat women who think they are hot. YOUR NOT HOT, YOUR FAT, YOU FATTY FATTY. LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Men have spoiled American women

Joshua from Massachusetts writes:

Partly I would say its the men's fault over here in America, they treat women like they are angels, never criticize them and give them everything they ask for. Why they are so fat is the food over here, all the junk and hormones you put in the food. Besides that they are lazy (caus men let them be). And they are spoilt from the day they are born - thats where the attitude came from. I was married to an American girl for 7 years ( I am European )- NEVER AGAIN - most of the girls here are lazy sluts and ho's, there are a few exceptions but far and few in between. Now I am engaged to an Asian girl and god this is a world of difference. I would highly recommend dating girls from different cultures if you are looking for more than a fat lazy slut.