Sunday, January 29, 2012

American men are very lucky

Caleb Grant from California writes:

Us American guys are so lucky as we have the whole world to choose from.

American women are not so lucky, you see women will not date or marry down. So a guy from a poorer country will be repulsive to an American woman. She sure is not going to rescue him from his life of poverty and hard labor. Not a chance in hell of that happening. Women are very selfish. A guy does not have this prejudice, he will have no problem if a girl comes from a poorer background. And she will be able to send some money back home to help her family all because an American guy took an interest in her and takes care of her. You never hear of this happening the other way around, an American woman will go for a guy from another that has more money than her, but most of the world is poorer than the average American so an American woman will be prejudiced against any guy that is from a less wealthy country, he will have no chance with her. Like I said women are totally selfish, they will complain and try to stop American guys seeking higher quality mates but there real motives are more like if I am unhappy your going to be miserable too.

As we all know the reason this is happening is because of the way feminism has had such a devastating effect on American women, making them so repulsive to men. So guys seek better women from other parts of the world.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Marry traditional women, not American women

Zach from America writes:

I say to American men: continue your marriage strike against American feminist women. Now more than half of them are single and can not find a husband.

If some of you men still want to get married, then go overseas and marry a more traditional woman from a Third World country. These foreign women are more committed to family and are less divorce-happy than American feminist women.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Benjamin says American women have no class

Benjamin from USA writes:

American women have no talent and are overall undesirable. That is why so many are single, lonely, and depressed. American men have learned to find class, intelligence, and culture in foreign women. No, I am not interested in dinner and a movie.

Well I must say I agree. I hate to be the misogynist but after keeping an open rational view to american women I have seen nothing but poor immature behavior I wouldn't expect from strangers. I have been traveling overseas for the past five years in the military and upon returning decided to find myself an american girlfriend. Well after roughly 80 dates, two cheating girlfriends, and a slew of heartless girl "friends" I think you all may be on to something. I have women all over me all the time and I can't seem to find one with the semblance of a soul or character. The only women I trust are an ex from australia and an ex in tokyo. They are the true faithful, decent, caring, individuals left in this world. And yes they have jobs and money too. I have met so many un-married, unapologetic, single-mom's since being back in the states it's not even funny. Half of them are addicted to drugs, or alcohol, splurge a foreign workers life savings in a night of drinking, have sex with strangers just to spite you if youre not interested, and are even so conniving as to try and get gang bangers to kill you for caring about their kids well being, or get you fired for missing a night out with them. The fact is the more I try to sever my ties with these women the more they try and lure me into their bullshit drama that is their life. I've had enough with them. I hope they enjoy being single mom's with two jobs, kids, and a mortgage they can't pay, whilst fucking any man who wanders close enough without getting a good look at who they really are.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gabriel says to boycott American women

Gabriel from Alaska writes:


Saturday, January 21, 2012

American women create misery

Elijah from Lousianna writes:

Some people have had good luck finding good ones, but in cases like mine i have had no luck. Every american girl i dated has either been sleezy, selfish, mean people, the guys also probably act the same way also. I started dating a chinese girl and everything has been perfect. I will never date an american woman again, i dont want to miss out on happiness

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American women only care about money

Aiden from Kansas writes:

In conversing with a american women its "hey what do you do for a living, what type of car do you drive, how popular are you, are you a smooth talker, how much money do you make a year.. etc..." American women place more emphasis on status than on qualities that count like being a kind and caring person. Every single time I meet a girl from another country the conversations start with "what kind of music do you like, are you close with your parents, do you have any kids, etc..." Most american women who I know that are married now would leave their husband if he became broke or bankrupt. American women are just as bad as nagging gay men

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Noah says marry foreign women

Noah from America writes:

Very eloquent guys. I can't top your comments, but I will tell you about a close call. I almost married an entitled American woman, but I woke up just in time. She was disguised as a pretty mormon girl, but it was just an act. She was selfish, unappreciative, manipulative, deceitful, demanding,lazy, insecure and bitchy. In other words, pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside. After I kicked her ass out, I thought long and hard about all the American girlfriends I have ever had, and you know what? They were all that way! All except a pretty Mexican girl from Sinaloa (not spelled right).She was great. Big suprise huh? I was so focused on the T&A, I neglected to realize how deeply flawed american women are. I thought that is how all women are. I know now, that there are other options. Oh yeah, for those of you that think it can't happen to them, it just happened to my brother and a best friend. He is a great guy and raised three wonderful kids. His cunt american wife cheated on him because she thought she deserved a husband that made more money. He is now divorced and sees his kids every other weekend. He is also finanically fucked for life. The odds ARE against you in this game. The only winning move is not to play. Marry foreign. I'm looking right now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

William speaks about American women

William in USA writes:

The american feminist insurrection needs to be dealt with. Nothing quite like a big mouth raunchy liberal American woman. They expect us to subbordinate and worship them like some goddess. Just like affirmative action, this issue needs to be challanged. We should all be treated with respect, granted but lets not go overboard with this nonsense. I am 40 finanacially secure, educated, christian, married w/ 3 great kids,and physically fit. Oh yeah also well endowed...unlike some of those penis envy lesbians..

Friday, January 13, 2012

American women wants bowel worshipers

Alexander from Boston writes:

We here the same old attack from these insufferable American women(american males: are too stupid,fat slobs,lazy morons). Give me a break! This stupid feminist movement is the creation of some self-loathing lesbians trying to recruit heterosexual females to their lifestyle of immorality. Should the american male take issue against them, they are quickly labeled as homophobic,sexually insecure, momma-boys that have 1 inch penis issues. American women are looking for the perfect metro-sexual male that worships his queens every bowel movement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Asian woman also hates American women

Kywlie Kwong writes:

I an an asian woman that loves Anerican men, I understand what you men are saying about American women. I am so shocked when I get around american women how they bash american men and they all laugh and talk about hating you guys. I had a white lady recently tell me at a party that she found american men repulsive and I told her I did not agree at all with her opinion and she walked off. You american men deserve better treatment from american women they don't deserve you anymore. I think that's the reason so many men are dating and marrying asian and foreign women nowdays and are turning their backs on american women. I went to lunch today and this fat blonde american woman was acting nasty in the food court in front of some workers. If this is what american women have become I don't blame you guys for saying the hell with these women.

Monday, January 9, 2012

American women are becoming pedophiles

Joshua from USA writes:

And don't forget that many modern American feminist women have now become child predators, molesting young school boys between the ages of 12-16. Every day, there are news reports of adult females molesting young boys, indicating that many American women have now become morally decadent. This reason, alone by itself, should be enough for even more American men to seek the foreign brides with their superior morals and ethics.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

White american women are white trash

Ethan from Washington writes:

I would rather die alone than to date or marry some white trash American feminist backstabber. Why do I want a white american woman that spends her days kissing up to black men. I want a woman who respects me as a man and wants to be my partner not my slave. I see daily white women walking around with their noses in the air like they are too good for a white man but are just so happy to speak and hug a black guy. I say forget them and find a classy woman in another culture who will love you more.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

American women have serious problems

Hunter from Senoritaville writes:

Not only are American women a total financial drain they are also a major legal liability. There is absolutely nothing that is good about them, nothing

There is no question that American women have some serious problems that make them broadly undesirable to men of every nationality. Many successful and affluent guys have many other options and often take them. They have the whole world and there is no shortage of high quality women to chooses from. American feminists fear this and truly hate when they get passed up. American feminist have even attempted to make it illegal to seek a foreign bride with the IMBR act.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jeff warns American men to boycott American women

Jeff from Sacramento wrotes:

American women are pure crap, unwanted, undesirable and unattractive and that is how I feel plane and simple. Rule number one do not under any circumstance marry an American women.

Everything that I have seen here in is very real. I have read the divorce statistics for the USA which are over 1,000,000 a year! Something is very wrong and it seems like Modern American Women like to do whatever they please. They have NO degree of respect and do not appreciate what men do for them. They expect more and more because they think it is owed to them. I have been through hell with these Modern American Women and I will never ever again date or marry one ever again in my life. At first they're nice and later bipolar/schizophrenic and very disrespectful and rude. STAY AWAY FROM MODERN AMERICAN WOMEN! FIND A GOOD FOREIGN LADY WHO HAS NOT BEEN RAISED IN USA.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jasons speaks the truth

Jason from USA writes:

Single American Women are money pits. I have 2 degrees, am perfectly happy, and I do not need the mental and financial instability that comes with 21st. century American courting rituals. The true feminist ideology came about in the 70's, along with the homosexual and drug culture, what does that tell you? Back when people were for what was truly right and wrong women got the right to vote and make decisions regarding the family unit. Then you took it to far, and for that you must reap what you sow. No pun intended. Men are opting to jump off your feminist band wagon. That's why so many American men marry foreign women outside of America, and American women get so jealous and bitter about it.