Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Asian woman also hates American women

Kywlie Kwong writes:

I an an asian woman that loves Anerican men, I understand what you men are saying about American women. I am so shocked when I get around american women how they bash american men and they all laugh and talk about hating you guys. I had a white lady recently tell me at a party that she found american men repulsive and I told her I did not agree at all with her opinion and she walked off. You american men deserve better treatment from american women they don't deserve you anymore. I think that's the reason so many men are dating and marrying asian and foreign women nowdays and are turning their backs on american women. I went to lunch today and this fat blonde american woman was acting nasty in the food court in front of some workers. If this is what american women have become I don't blame you guys for saying the hell with these women.