Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Benjamin says American women have no class

Benjamin from USA writes:

American women have no talent and are overall undesirable. That is why so many are single, lonely, and depressed. American men have learned to find class, intelligence, and culture in foreign women. No, I am not interested in dinner and a movie.

Well I must say I agree. I hate to be the misogynist but after keeping an open rational view to american women I have seen nothing but poor immature behavior I wouldn't expect from strangers. I have been traveling overseas for the past five years in the military and upon returning decided to find myself an american girlfriend. Well after roughly 80 dates, two cheating girlfriends, and a slew of heartless girl "friends" I think you all may be on to something. I have women all over me all the time and I can't seem to find one with the semblance of a soul or character. The only women I trust are an ex from australia and an ex in tokyo. They are the true faithful, decent, caring, individuals left in this world. And yes they have jobs and money too. I have met so many un-married, unapologetic, single-mom's since being back in the states it's not even funny. Half of them are addicted to drugs, or alcohol, splurge a foreign workers life savings in a night of drinking, have sex with strangers just to spite you if youre not interested, and are even so conniving as to try and get gang bangers to kill you for caring about their kids well being, or get you fired for missing a night out with them. The fact is the more I try to sever my ties with these women the more they try and lure me into their bullshit drama that is their life. I've had enough with them. I hope they enjoy being single mom's with two jobs, kids, and a mortgage they can't pay, whilst fucking any man who wanders close enough without getting a good look at who they really are.