Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jeff warns American men to boycott American women

Jeff from Sacramento wrotes:

American women are pure crap, unwanted, undesirable and unattractive and that is how I feel plane and simple. Rule number one do not under any circumstance marry an American women.

Everything that I have seen here in is very real. I have read the divorce statistics for the USA which are over 1,000,000 a year! Something is very wrong and it seems like Modern American Women like to do whatever they please. They have NO degree of respect and do not appreciate what men do for them. They expect more and more because they think it is owed to them. I have been through hell with these Modern American Women and I will never ever again date or marry one ever again in my life. At first they're nice and later bipolar/schizophrenic and very disrespectful and rude. STAY AWAY FROM MODERN AMERICAN WOMEN! FIND A GOOD FOREIGN LADY WHO HAS NOT BEEN RAISED IN USA.