Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Noah says marry foreign women

Noah from America writes:

Very eloquent guys. I can't top your comments, but I will tell you about a close call. I almost married an entitled American woman, but I woke up just in time. She was disguised as a pretty mormon girl, but it was just an act. She was selfish, unappreciative, manipulative, deceitful, demanding,lazy, insecure and bitchy. In other words, pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside. After I kicked her ass out, I thought long and hard about all the American girlfriends I have ever had, and you know what? They were all that way! All except a pretty Mexican girl from Sinaloa (not spelled right).She was great. Big suprise huh? I was so focused on the T&A, I neglected to realize how deeply flawed american women are. I thought that is how all women are. I know now, that there are other options. Oh yeah, for those of you that think it can't happen to them, it just happened to my brother and a best friend. He is a great guy and raised three wonderful kids. His cunt american wife cheated on him because she thought she deserved a husband that made more money. He is now divorced and sees his kids every other weekend. He is also finanically fucked for life. The odds ARE against you in this game. The only winning move is not to play. Marry foreign. I'm looking right now.