Monday, February 27, 2012

Half of American women are single

Wayden from the Bronx writes:

I agree. Most American women are boorish and are prone to divorce and thus, it's no longer worth the effort to court American women. Now, over half of American women are single and without any partner. This will only get worse as the "marriage strike" continues against American women.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooper says to boycott American women

Cooper from Kentucky writes:

Marrying american women these days will create an financial as well as emotional and psychological damage to you, at the cost of some paltry piece of T and A once in a while? GET REAL! We American are no dummies and or wimps. We want a real women those that that wofe and mothering skills, not the sub-race of females now know as American Women. The are a sub-race and inferior to all other women in the world due to thier lacking many very critical qualities inherent in most women. Most men in the U.S. have seen the light and or catching ot quickly. If you want your life ruined in the next 7 years, go ahead and marry an American Women and you will be a member of a club of men that see no end to thier personal sufferings at the hands of an absolutly insane feminist agenda. Marry foriegn women and let this generation of worthless american females die out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jesus will show us the way, the truth, and the light of foreign women

Jesus from USA said:

Forget American Women for Marriage is not worth all the headache and heartache.They want to be treated as queens with their ruanchy personalities and inability to show any class. They will embarrass you in the presence of other men, especially foreign men who see this a mistake that American men make and then suffer for YEARS thereafter. SO MANY Foriegn women want American men, its unreal.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chas explains a little truth about foreign girls...

Chas from America writes:

Any fairly intelligent male will not beleive that a European man would marry an undesireable American Women (the least sought after in the World right now) versus the fantastic European women who put thier heart and soul into a marriage and respect thier husbands, the way American Women can't because it is an affront to her feminist indoctrination. Males worldwide know this! American bitches can rant and rave that American men are this and that, BUT they are still even TODAY in poll after poll are the MOST sought after husbands in the World by foriegn women, while American women are DEAD LAST on the list for marriable women by most men wordwide. However in thier defense American Women are the MOST sought after for casual sexual encounters and the have the reputation of being the biggest whores outside of an actual brothel. Thier is no better women to sport fuck than an breast implanted American bitch.They are great to fuck! Cheaper than most high end prostitutes, but mentally almost just as screwed up. Most American Women now all wear a scarlett letter. The new Scarlett letter is warning to all American Men (foreign men refuse to marry American women regardless of beauty, brains, social status, income)not to marry American women UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, if you want to perserve your happiness, health and peace of mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aaron is in heaven!

Aaron from DC writes:

Ha! You heard of one of those marriages made in heaven… Well, I’m in one of them! That’s because I am married to a European woman and not an American woman. Yes, foreign women treat men extremely well and with respect. No, she does not walk ten paces behind me, she is not my slave, and she is definitely not submissive! It is mutual respect with total partnership… Something American feminist have no clue about. No, my feminist darling, it has nothing to do with penis size complex. It has to do with having a woman with a character deeper than a rain puddle! American women will never understand this concept of total love and mutual respect for their man. Just keep beating your chest and declaring you are a woman. It will only drive more of us men to the arms of foreign women, and there are certainly no shortages of them out there… They are exquisitely beautiful, not afraid to be feminine in the eyes of a man, better educated, and are, indeed, LADIES in every sense of the word. I count my lucky stars that I don’t come home to a gilded cage every night when I listen to men talk about their American wives at home. I know men that are already planning to divorce their American wives when their children reach age 18. American men have had their fill of swallowing all the narcissistic garbage from the entire American feminists out there. Remember, guys, the grass IS greener on the other side. Just step into the light and see for yourself… Just remember, guys, you pay for it upfront or you pay for it in the end, you decide… The shackles are off, baby!

Friday, February 17, 2012

American women can be very vicious

Jose from San Diego writes:

I have traveled to many countries and have seen the relationships between the men and women. I would have to agree that the foreign woman is much more appealing than American women. I am in the middle of a very ugly divorce that has involved total character assassination. I am fortunate that my friends are deemed as untrustworthy as I. I had been duped by a very masterful woman that is american. It is a lesson that is learned the hard way. Truth shall prevail. As was stated, I have been through the false abuse supreme court date for a temporary restraining order. This is a tactic that is used to stay the sale of any marital property. Wouldn't you know it. I am an individual that had married a corporate director of sales and marketing for a major resort in san diego. The L---s resort. This person was very masterful. Fortunately she is the major bread winner. The modern feminist woman is a brainwashed woman that will realize the inadequacies of such a trait. Equality totally will never happen. The older a man gets he is deemed distinguished. The older a woman gets she will realize that she will be extinguished. It must be frightening to compete with young women. Poor brainwashed women. I was a london trained hair stylist for 11 years. I have insight that hasn't been recorded. Good luck to the men. Good luck to the women of the feminist ideaology.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jack from America is fed up

Jack from Texas writes:


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sean says to avoid American women

Sean from Boston writes:

A growing number of American men now make no apologies for rejecting any American women. The enormous risks incurred in marrying an American woman is simply not justified by minimal or no rewards that these relationships bring. An American gentleman now has to walk through a minefield of risks including false abuse claims, financial bankrupcy (from divorce), and denial of child visitation rights. Thus, any intelligent and self-respecting man would reject this modern feminist paradigm of marriage."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

American men do not want American women

Blake from America writes:

"I want to inform modern American women of this new reality: most American men do not want you. They do not want to date you and they certainly do not want to marry you. Do you know why? Because any relationships with you pose too much legal and financial risks to American men. The enormous risks of divorce and financial insolvency that men face when they marry you is no longer justified by paltry (often minimum) rewards that you bring to a marriage. Thus, you are being scorned and ignored by a growing number of affluent American men who prefer more feminine and traditional foreign women who offer youth, beauty and loyalty, the qualities you lack. These men realize that by marrying foreign women, they incur lower risk of divorce and greater probability of successful marriage and happiness. Therefore,... many of you will never marry or have children... you will end up like one of your own, Maria Cantwell - old, un-married, completely childless, living with mommy... You need to understand that by depriving and denying your biological instinct to create, love and nurture a family, modern feminism has created a royal road to oblivion that ends with your emptiness, bitterness and despair. Whatever traits or value you carried in your genes will stop with you. No children, no legacy... When you die, you truely die.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chase talks about his new realizations

Chase from New Jersey writes:

My fellow american men. I think we are on to something. I too was messed up by an amercian woman, 11 years of good marriage and all of a sudden bam, she did not want to care for me and if fact told me I was 4th or 5th on her list of priorities. And shortly after she ask for a divorce. I treated her well, was very loyal to her, and was a good husband. She just got tired of being married. I will never put my self thourgh this crap again. Foriegn women form Eastern europe, china, russia are far superior to the american woman. It is sad, but American women are bottom of the barrel. I will say this, thank you for conditioning us to make us better cuz the american man is considered cream of the crop of husbands to the World. To bad you don't want us. Competition is here American ladies, you better change your ways, or you will be obsolete. Some say these foreign women are what american women use to be in the 40's and 50's. It can still be this way. Why would I choose a greedy, fat, old, unappreciated, selfish, uncaring, unattractive american woman over a beautiful, young, loyal, respectful, proud, smart, non whorish women form a foriegn country. I feels very good to be wanted!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eric says boycott American women

Eric from California writes:

Many American men are choosing the road that leads to a fullfilling and succcesfull marriage with a foriegn born wife. American women are no longer sought after for marriage material as they once were.American men have learend that American women are basically far as marriage material is concerned. They WILL eventually destroy everything you have built up..and the justice systems will administer the final blows that will send you reeling into poverty..with little chance to see you kids you worked so hard to provide for. Screw That! American men are waking up and saying "Not Me". If thats you then you figured out already that the road to martial happiness is paved with foriegn born wives and the road to martial hell is paved with american born women...which road are you going to take???

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The numbers speak for themselves

Ian from New York writes:

I married a Chinese wife with no problems. The ones that try to rip forigners off are usually girls without fathers or family. American men marrying Chinese women is around 2,000 a year. American women marrying Chinese men is around 20 a year. Please realize these numbers are not that accurate but they are more accurate than what feminist print. Oh... I guess that's not saying much either.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Justin is happy with his asian wife

Justin from USA writes:

I was fortunate enough to have the restraint from marrying an american woman, and instead found a lovely lady in central asia that treats me with utmost respect and doesn't bitch and complain when i open a door for her or pull out a chair... point being definitely go foreign for a wife and mind your immigration p's and q's. After that it is VERY worthwhile.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liam speak the truth, brother!!!!

Liam from Denver writes:

I agree with your assessment. The fact is that a growing number of American men do not want to marry American feminist women because of their repulsive qualities and high risk for future divorce. With so many beautiful and loyal women in over 150 countries around the world, why should an American man limit himself to seeking women from only ONE country (good ole U.S.A.)? We Americans must accept the reality that some of our American brands (i.e. American feminist women) are of INFERIOR quality than those of foreign brands (i.e. traditional foreign women).