Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aaron is in heaven!

Aaron from DC writes:

Ha! You heard of one of those marriages made in heaven… Well, I’m in one of them! That’s because I am married to a European woman and not an American woman. Yes, foreign women treat men extremely well and with respect. No, she does not walk ten paces behind me, she is not my slave, and she is definitely not submissive! It is mutual respect with total partnership… Something American feminist have no clue about. No, my feminist darling, it has nothing to do with penis size complex. It has to do with having a woman with a character deeper than a rain puddle! American women will never understand this concept of total love and mutual respect for their man. Just keep beating your chest and declaring you are a woman. It will only drive more of us men to the arms of foreign women, and there are certainly no shortages of them out there… They are exquisitely beautiful, not afraid to be feminine in the eyes of a man, better educated, and are, indeed, LADIES in every sense of the word. I count my lucky stars that I don’t come home to a gilded cage every night when I listen to men talk about their American wives at home. I know men that are already planning to divorce their American wives when their children reach age 18. American men have had their fill of swallowing all the narcissistic garbage from the entire American feminists out there. Remember, guys, the grass IS greener on the other side. Just step into the light and see for yourself… Just remember, guys, you pay for it upfront or you pay for it in the end, you decide… The shackles are off, baby!