Friday, February 17, 2012

American women can be very vicious

Jose from San Diego writes:

I have traveled to many countries and have seen the relationships between the men and women. I would have to agree that the foreign woman is much more appealing than American women. I am in the middle of a very ugly divorce that has involved total character assassination. I am fortunate that my friends are deemed as untrustworthy as I. I had been duped by a very masterful woman that is american. It is a lesson that is learned the hard way. Truth shall prevail. As was stated, I have been through the false abuse supreme court date for a temporary restraining order. This is a tactic that is used to stay the sale of any marital property. Wouldn't you know it. I am an individual that had married a corporate director of sales and marketing for a major resort in san diego. The L---s resort. This person was very masterful. Fortunately she is the major bread winner. The modern feminist woman is a brainwashed woman that will realize the inadequacies of such a trait. Equality totally will never happen. The older a man gets he is deemed distinguished. The older a woman gets she will realize that she will be extinguished. It must be frightening to compete with young women. Poor brainwashed women. I was a london trained hair stylist for 11 years. I have insight that hasn't been recorded. Good luck to the men. Good luck to the women of the feminist ideaology.