Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chas explains a little truth about foreign girls...

Chas from America writes:

Any fairly intelligent male will not beleive that a European man would marry an undesireable American Women (the least sought after in the World right now) versus the fantastic European women who put thier heart and soul into a marriage and respect thier husbands, the way American Women can't because it is an affront to her feminist indoctrination. Males worldwide know this! American bitches can rant and rave that American men are this and that, BUT they are still even TODAY in poll after poll are the MOST sought after husbands in the World by foriegn women, while American women are DEAD LAST on the list for marriable women by most men wordwide. However in thier defense American Women are the MOST sought after for casual sexual encounters and the have the reputation of being the biggest whores outside of an actual brothel. Thier is no better women to sport fuck than an breast implanted American bitch.They are great to fuck! Cheaper than most high end prostitutes, but mentally almost just as screwed up. Most American Women now all wear a scarlett letter. The new Scarlett letter is warning to all American Men (foreign men refuse to marry American women regardless of beauty, brains, social status, income)not to marry American women UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, if you want to perserve your happiness, health and peace of mind.