Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chase talks about his new realizations

Chase from New Jersey writes:

My fellow american men. I think we are on to something. I too was messed up by an amercian woman, 11 years of good marriage and all of a sudden bam, she did not want to care for me and if fact told me I was 4th or 5th on her list of priorities. And shortly after she ask for a divorce. I treated her well, was very loyal to her, and was a good husband. She just got tired of being married. I will never put my self thourgh this crap again. Foriegn women form Eastern europe, china, russia are far superior to the american woman. It is sad, but American women are bottom of the barrel. I will say this, thank you for conditioning us to make us better cuz the american man is considered cream of the crop of husbands to the World. To bad you don't want us. Competition is here American ladies, you better change your ways, or you will be obsolete. Some say these foreign women are what american women use to be in the 40's and 50's. It can still be this way. Why would I choose a greedy, fat, old, unappreciated, selfish, uncaring, unattractive american woman over a beautiful, young, loyal, respectful, proud, smart, non whorish women form a foriegn country. I feels very good to be wanted!!