Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooper says to boycott American women

Cooper from Kentucky writes:

Marrying american women these days will create an financial as well as emotional and psychological damage to you, at the cost of some paltry piece of T and A once in a while? GET REAL! We American are no dummies and or wimps. We want a real women those that that wofe and mothering skills, not the sub-race of females now know as American Women. The are a sub-race and inferior to all other women in the world due to thier lacking many very critical qualities inherent in most women. Most men in the U.S. have seen the light and or catching ot quickly. If you want your life ruined in the next 7 years, go ahead and marry an American Women and you will be a member of a club of men that see no end to thier personal sufferings at the hands of an absolutly insane feminist agenda. Marry foriegn women and let this generation of worthless american females die out.