Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brian will never date an American woman again

Brian from Maine writes:

Now that I am 31 years old, having experienced a long term relationship with an American woman for most of my twenties that only ended with her saying "you're sweet, but I need to explore my identity more," I've come to the realization that I cannot ever date an American woman again. I consider myself a good man--one who works hard, has respect for his significant other, wants to raise a family and a live the American dream. However, this seems to not be enough these days in our society, for American women are increasingly seeking out men that don't exist in order to fulfill their idealized, Hollywood derived image of what men should be like. I think most men on this forum would agree that equality is a good thing, whether we are talking about it from a racial, economic or gendered standpoint. Equality, of course, does not mean that women should take an anti-male stance where they can essentially reject men for not living-up to unrealistic standards. There are plenty of good, hard working, very kind men in our society who will continue to get passed over, dumped and rejected because they cannot live up to an unattainable standard set by the postmodern American woman.