Thursday, April 5, 2012

American women are weak and insecure creatures

George from Arizona writes:

Anyway as an american man married to a Latina, who comes from a poor country, who had to struggle, fight, and survive in a country where privileges that are taken for granted by american women do not exist, I can tell you she is stronger, more independent and focused than any American women I have ever met. Most american women could not survive one day in the shoes of women from her country. At the same time her strength, devotion of family, love for her culture is not a measuring stick of success. No she is not educated the way your or me are, only because she did not have that option. She didn't have the option to party in the sorority, get drunk on the weekends or experiment with multiple sex partners or even have the ability to have boyfriends. She was too busy supporting her family at the age of 17, and even left her poor country so she could find a job in in richer Argentina so her family could get by. Now she owns her own business in her home country, and is staring one in the US. She supports her parents, her family, and her two daughters. she also sends money and goods to sick people in her community. She is strong and intelligent but her decisions and actions are not all hers, because she is ALWAYS thinking of her family first. At the same time she understands her role as a woman and mother and embraces that, yet she doesn't let that effect her business life here in the US. The thing is she is not as unique as you may think, as her sisters and friends (who are also from her country) are very similar. They have little time to play the victim, and do not blame men or society for the cards the get dealt. Not one of them is close to your gross depiction based on incorrect stereotypes. Anyway, It's fine you think that way, I could careless...I only wanted to respond to your inaccuracies in your attempt to defend "american feminism"...thanks for solidifying my theory that american feminism is a based on a racist ideology. have a nice day.