Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American women destroyed one indian man named Raja

Raja from India writes:

I am incredibly stupid for not taking advantage of my foreign heritage to get a good wife. Straight out of college, I married the first cute American girl that gave me some during freshman year. To me she was a blond goddess; an independent feisty girl who is way cooler than the boring girls we have at home. During our “mirage” (not marriage) I worked my ass off in two stressful jobs and did more than my fare share of household chores to please her and give her the lifestyle she wanted. The pressure, the exhaustion, the constant stress of putting out fires both at work and at home, the sleep deprivation, eating whatever garbage I could get on the fly, the soul destroying negative reinforcement, the nagging, and finally discovering that while I was killing myself for her, she was having affairs-- combine that with a bitter, long, drawn-out, ruinous divorce and custody battle—I was finally finished off. I am in my mid thirties; I suffer from chronic illness, clinically depressed and the combination of ill health, medications, especially antidepressants, have rendered me impotent beyond help. Now I do not have the energy, virility and financial resources get remarried to a good NON-AMERICAN wife. If it wasn’t for the love that I have of my girl, I would have fled the US. Sadly, my daughter returns none of my love and considers me a pathetic bore that she grudgingly suffers his company. She is barely ten and she dresses and wears make up that makes her look like a prostitute, I am heartbroken to say. Tragically, she will most likely be a worst woman than her mother. I would not wish my daughter when she grows up on any good man.

The She-Demon from hell who I see her when I pick my child up—that is when she lets me--- still looks pretty damn good, lives in a great house that I bought and still pay for with whichever muscle-bound stud with no job that she is shagging at the time. She knows that she ruined me and she ecstatic about she has done to me. There are so many men in America who have it worst than me. Most American women are just not worth it. All my female relatives, with no exceptions, are happily married and their husbands are mired in domestic bless and comfort. My mother warned me and she cried tears of sadness on my wedding day

As a sad, broken man, I am merely entertainment for my female coworkers who ridicule me behind my back for the crime of looking like hell, not kissing their asses, and being a loner. In a million years I would have never imagined me ending that way. The worst people in America may be men, but they are a distinct minority among men. Most young American men are much better human beings in every sense of the word than their female counterparts. American culture has succeeded in producing millions of women who exhibit every negative instinct of the female psyche. In lieu of the fact that the overwhelming majority of young American women are extremely unfit for marriage and the fact that divorce courts in America resembles orientation day in cellblock F for a weak newbie, I see no upside for marriage to American women. Why even wish to have kids if you cannot even get raise them?