Sunday, April 1, 2012

Asian American woman says white American women are racist

Sonya, an Asian American woman said...

I will preface this by stating that I am an American woman of Asian ethnicity. Most of the girls at my school who were "rich" or "spoiled" were White girls. Most of the girls I've had conflicts with (them being stuck up and not accepting), were White girls. Most of the WOMEN I have any conflicts with currently, are White women.

The conflict is usually a result of the fact that my boyfriend is white, and I am not. This irks them to no end. Someone has to be terribly bitter inside to be so bitter about a complete stranger.

What I am seeing is an epidemic of yuppy, (rich) White parents, raising their daughters to be princesses, not teaching them how to cook (because maybe there are NO family recipes to pass down). These same girls go to school, act stuck up and snobby to other girls and boys, and grow up to be women with chips on their shoulders who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

These same women are the ones who sit around all day or go to the bathroom in groups and say, "Why can't I just find a nice guy?" Little do they know that nice guys are everywhere...they just aren't filthy rich (which seems to somehow disqualify them, sadly.)

I have come to the disheartening conclusion that American Feminism should be called White Feminism. White feminists have only their own personal agendas at heart. I often feel like these women could give a damn about those of us who come from families that have had to struggle to make it or are women of color (we are not a part of the "White" woman privilege.)

When did the right to vote and get educated get turned into "Let's piss on all men"??? Seriously...please be MORE bitter. You are a disgrace to those of us women in the states who actually appreciate good, kind hearted men.

To those American women who stereotype foreign women: You do yourselves a disservice -- way to make your own negative stereotypes a reality.

To assume that women overseas are spineless and incapable of fending for themselves is blatant racism, and snobbery. Only someone who hasn't travelled overseas could think this way and be so arrogant as to assume women overseas don't have to work, or struggle or make an effort to get educated.

You are under the misconception that women overseas don't have to work to survive and look after their families. In what reality do you live in? I sympathize with the American men that have to deal with women with such mentality. American women, I truly feel sorry for you.