Friday, May 25, 2012

American women project their own insanity onto everyone else

Anthony from Maine writes:

I don't hate American women. I don't "hate" anyone. However I do find it interesting that so many American women accuse men of wanting "a submissive", "subservient", "docile" woman that they can "dominate". Why interesting? Because that is the type of MAN most of THEM are looking for. By the way, ladies. Have you ever been to Japan? Dated a Japanese woman? So many of you accuse us American men of wanting a Japanese girl because they are "submissive". Do you realise that that is both a racist remark as well as a SEXIST one? Most of you, apparently, know little or anything about Japanese women. Most American guys want a Japanese woman because many of them are AGREEABLE. They are your friend, your partner and some one it is a PLEASURE to be nice to. Most of you American women are NOT. You see men as the ultimate enemy to be conquered. Not an ally, but COMPETITION. You see us as inferior, sub-human and "less than" yourselves. PLEASE do NOT deny this. We guys hear women say this ALL the TIME. On TV, in movies, Women's magazines and simply out in public. Would you want a MAN that sees you and treats you in this manner? Of course not. Not if you're sane. So why do so many of you think that men would feel any DIFFERENT? This, among many other reasons, is why American men are getting sick of the garbage you dish out. This is why men (in increasing numbers) seek out foreign women as wives or girl fiends. Most of these women are not indoctrinated by neofeminism, the media and their own government. Sorry. It isn't we who are looking for submissives. It is yourselves. If you want a submissive man, then I suggest you go to a Sado Masochism club. Leave us decent guys alone.