Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daniel says American women are too materialistic

Daniel from Florida writes:

It seems that the majority of girls born and breed in the America have one thing in common, they judge life based on material things. It could be clothes, shoes , houses, cars or even things that they aren't inanimate like a child or a husband. They feel the need to constantly be in control because the society that we exist in creates a human being that must be devoted to personal property to feel successful. Ive been to alot of countries and the reason for this problem is simple money is everything in the US. our lives revolve around it much more than in any other country, so as a result we expect to be given the best for nothing. And so girls (who rarely had to work for anything to begin with), whom happen to live in america no longer have to think, or have good conversation, or be supportive, or loving, or even cook or clean, In fact they don't even have to pretend that they can do those things anymore. They just need to hold out there hand and say "more please" because the US isn't connected to any other affluent countries like France or Germany, so you have no other women to compare them to.