Monday, May 21, 2012

Fake, liar, hypocrite, American women suck

Juan from America writes:

I don't know maybe, but believe me, I live abroad since i was 11, and I can say,i've never met girls like american women!

Fake,liar,hypocrite, but.....they use to say we are so RELIGIOUS!(well honestly i am against every kind of religions,they are against human being)
But the worst thing ever is that, the worst person ever....My Girlfriend, I mean My American Girlfriend! Ciao everybody! AMERICANS GIRLS YOU SUCK!!!!

american girls suck they are so materialistic its soo disgusting. not to mention they are dumber than dirt! american girls are a waste of time! all they do is watch that crap "the hills" and all that american bullshit on MTV!