Sunday, May 27, 2012

A scholarly report by one professor

Mark from Missouri writes:

Actually, a recent study by Professor Robert Scholes in his report to the Congress (1999) showed that about 80 percent of American men-foreign women marriages continue to remain stable. This translates to about 20 percent divorce rate if an American man marries a foreign bride from a Third World Country. This is less than half of 50 percent divorce rate in this country. I believe the reason for this is that foreign women tend to be more traditional and family-oriented. Thus, the risk of divorce is less if an American man marries a foreign bride. But you are right - about 20 percent of foreign brides do become totally Americanized and divorce their American husbands so marrying foreign brides does not guarentee perfect results. You are right. California is a communal property state, meaning that wife is entitled to 50% of husband's assets. And because of very high overall divorce rate in this country (50%), some affluent American men avoid marrying American women and instead, they go for more traditional women from the Third World countries. I think one reason why marriages to women from the Third World countries have a higher success rate than marriages "made in America" is that many foreign women have traditional values and they are more family-oriented. And a great majority of them retain their family values even after immigrating to the U.S. With this type of cultural mind-set, they are less likely to resort to divorce at the drop of a hat. In fact, I know many foreign women (including my Russian wife) who look at the culture of divorce in the U.S. with disdain.