Sunday, April 29, 2012

American women get cats

Henry from West Virginia writes:

And it's American women who are upset that American men aren't marrying them. American men are perfectly content to use American women for easy sport fucking. It's a product of American women's own feminist sexual revolution. Look at the #1 and #2 reason why American men are now avoiding marriage:

1. They can get sex without marriage more easily than in times past.

2. They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabiting rather than marrying.

Additionally, American guys have millions of foreign women who are dying to marry them. Lower divorce rate and no feminazi attitude.

So quite honestly, it doesn't matter if they're fat/skinny/ugly. It's not about what's fair. It's about what you can get. American men get what they want: easy casual sex from American women. Foreign brides with low divorce rates and no feminazi attitude. And American women get cats.

Deal with it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

American women have priced themselves out of the market

Andrew from Pennsylvania writes:

American women have so many privileges, demands and rights that smart men can no longer afford to marry them. You fat American women who think you should be treated like princesses by rich handsome men have priced yourself out of the market.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Roger says American women are a pain in the ass

Roger from Wisconsin writes:

Lots of American women complain about American men dating foreigners. You want to know why? Because YOU SUCK. You are a pain in the ass. Period. Foreign women are easy to deal with. Having dated Europeans and Latina's, they are infinitely easier to deal with than American women. They just accept you for being a man. I hear lots of women say foreign women are pushovers - its the furthest thing from the truth. Particularly the Italians and the Latina's - they will fight with you and are very vocal. They just don't have all this bullshit that you carry around with you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Get used to it, ladies!

Raymond from Virginia writes:

You fat, whiny American women with your senses of entitlement have priced yourselves out of the market. American men want and can get Latinas, Asians, and East European women with beautiful bodies who take care of themselves and now how to treat a man. Get used to seeing white men pick these women over American women. It is already happening and the trend will escalate.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

American women do not have options

Ryan from Vermont writes:

American men have options. American women do not. So the American women huff and puff, and scowl at the incoming foreign brides who don't demand the feminazi equality bullshit. You WISH American men didn't have choices. You're like a labor union that's pissed off because the company is hiring non-union employees.
American men have two options: 1. Sportfuck free American fuckdolls forever. 2. Settle down with a foreign girl who has no expectations.

American women also have several options: 1. Be a free fuckdoll. (That's not a bad option by the way. More and more women embrace it. I say produce more "Sex and the City"-like shows and accelerate the trend. It certainly beats the other options.) 2. Live alone with 10 cats. 3. Single mother in permanent poverty.

What American women think about it is not relevant. It's just supply and demand. American women are still desperately trying to sell their shit sandwich, but the gig is up.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Indian woman says American women are fake

Soniya from India:

It is absolutely true. I am a woman from overseas. American Women is amazed me most of them they are so fake, selfish, self center, loud and annoyed women that I ever seen in my life. I travel and stay many places around the world. American Women are the worst women in Planet. Because of stupid feminist, law and order in Western world especially in America, they make women become greedy and disgisting more and more everyday. I can't stand American Women at all in any sense of Women...That's a shame!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

American men have the whole world to choose from

Arthur from Wyoming writes:

I agree 100%! American women are not all the same, we have a variety of crappy women to choose from. It is true there is more than one way to put lipstick on a pig. You could write a book on that alone, and American women have done it! No guy wants a fat, bitchy women who believe all men are crap and need to be crapped on. What guy would want that? The problem is us guys just are not interested in this. Are you surprised American woman? And we live in a golden age, us guys have the whole world to choose from. And we are choosing someone else.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Carl has no use for American women

Carl from Utah writes:

I was married to an American woman for 14 years. I left the marriage a hollow shell, a broken man. Why couldn't I do anything right? Everything was my fault, right? I must have been the evil bastard she described! Long story short = the American Woman got the house, and the 500K of capital gains (California). Not to mention my heart and soul. I licked my wounds for 5 years, feeling bad about myself.

Then, I discovered Mexico. At the age of 42, I found a new life. I met a fantastic woman... loving, selfless, sharing, caring, and did I mention drop-dead gorgeous? I am now living in Southern Mexico, completely happy. I have been married to my Oaxaquena for 3 years, and the heat just gets hotter. We actually appreciate each other and life together is a 2 way street. She is always at my sid ewith encouragement and support. And no, we don't place a lot of value on material things. When I am up in the states on business, or to visit my side of the family, I am quickly ready to come home. I laugh at the poor bastards I see chasing tail with their tongues hanging out. I don't give any american woman any thought except what a kid must think after the first time he touches a hot stove. I have been relieved of the sickness the shallow ones!
One need only sit in a coffee shop in a mall for 5 minutes to see the problem in its stark reality. Watch the women as they salivate over material goods and ignore everything and everyone in the area besides themselves. Do you see any smiles or eye contact going on? Absolutely none. In Mexico, smiles, personal greetings, hugs, kisses on the cheek, fond embraces are the order of the day. Contrast this with fake tits, collagen lips, and harried scowls, evil countenances, and the inability to pass up any type of reflective surface. Whattaya got? I have no use for American women. I only feel bad that I wasted 14 years of my life on one of them. RIGHT ON with the 10 rules!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Don finds true love overseas

Don from Oregon writes:

This is so true. Thats why I went overseas and haven't looked back. I have now been married for 7 years, still love my wife, we still have sex every other day, she actually cares when i get sick, she can cook, and she appreciate all the hard work I do. I buy her a gift and she actually appreciates the thought. I come home she is happy to see me. DON NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVER DATE/MARRY THE AMERICAN FEMALE WHORE.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American women destroyed one indian man named Raja

Raja from India writes:

I am incredibly stupid for not taking advantage of my foreign heritage to get a good wife. Straight out of college, I married the first cute American girl that gave me some during freshman year. To me she was a blond goddess; an independent feisty girl who is way cooler than the boring girls we have at home. During our “mirage” (not marriage) I worked my ass off in two stressful jobs and did more than my fare share of household chores to please her and give her the lifestyle she wanted. The pressure, the exhaustion, the constant stress of putting out fires both at work and at home, the sleep deprivation, eating whatever garbage I could get on the fly, the soul destroying negative reinforcement, the nagging, and finally discovering that while I was killing myself for her, she was having affairs-- combine that with a bitter, long, drawn-out, ruinous divorce and custody battle—I was finally finished off. I am in my mid thirties; I suffer from chronic illness, clinically depressed and the combination of ill health, medications, especially antidepressants, have rendered me impotent beyond help. Now I do not have the energy, virility and financial resources get remarried to a good NON-AMERICAN wife. If it wasn’t for the love that I have of my girl, I would have fled the US. Sadly, my daughter returns none of my love and considers me a pathetic bore that she grudgingly suffers his company. She is barely ten and she dresses and wears make up that makes her look like a prostitute, I am heartbroken to say. Tragically, she will most likely be a worst woman than her mother. I would not wish my daughter when she grows up on any good man.

The She-Demon from hell who I see her when I pick my child up—that is when she lets me--- still looks pretty damn good, lives in a great house that I bought and still pay for with whichever muscle-bound stud with no job that she is shagging at the time. She knows that she ruined me and she ecstatic about she has done to me. There are so many men in America who have it worst than me. Most American women are just not worth it. All my female relatives, with no exceptions, are happily married and their husbands are mired in domestic bless and comfort. My mother warned me and she cried tears of sadness on my wedding day

As a sad, broken man, I am merely entertainment for my female coworkers who ridicule me behind my back for the crime of looking like hell, not kissing their asses, and being a loner. In a million years I would have never imagined me ending that way. The worst people in America may be men, but they are a distinct minority among men. Most young American men are much better human beings in every sense of the word than their female counterparts. American culture has succeeded in producing millions of women who exhibit every negative instinct of the female psyche. In lieu of the fact that the overwhelming majority of young American women are extremely unfit for marriage and the fact that divorce courts in America resembles orientation day in cellblock F for a weak newbie, I see no upside for marriage to American women. Why even wish to have kids if you cannot even get raise them?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Foreign women vs. American women

Timothy from Hawaii writes:

I am one such man who is caught up with an American Woman who is totally self centered. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing with her since there is no benefit or anything I can really hold onto into terms of feeling special. All she does is take..take...take...

I find myself pooped out most of the time trying to keep a clean household. Or I get my ears beaten with constant negativity, personal problems, and nags. It is no wonder I was so much more happier with foreign women.

My foreign girlfriend would make me dinner often but inturn I would take her out to dinner all the time and pay and buy her nice things. The American women I am with doesn't do shit for me and I go out of my way too much.

I agree with you all brothers, that American women do suck and want their cake and eat it too.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

American women are sour grapes

Chas from Alabama writes:

Classic case of the "sour grapes"

Its pretty clear that American men are slowly seeing American women for what they truly are- "insert insult"

The funny part is that men are TELLING american women WHAT THEY WANT IN A WOMAN. The American Women are saying, NOPE. Not me. I won't do that. I won't be that, go screw yourself. So American Men find women overseas. And American Women don't like that. So the insult the men, and insult the foreign women.

Look, we are telling you what we like in a woman. You find that those characteristics are too difficult to achieve. Or you think of yourself far to wordly to adapt. So we go elsewhere. And you hate it.

Sorry. You really are.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

American women are weak and insecure creatures

George from Arizona writes:

Anyway as an american man married to a Latina, who comes from a poor country, who had to struggle, fight, and survive in a country where privileges that are taken for granted by american women do not exist, I can tell you she is stronger, more independent and focused than any American women I have ever met. Most american women could not survive one day in the shoes of women from her country. At the same time her strength, devotion of family, love for her culture is not a measuring stick of success. No she is not educated the way your or me are, only because she did not have that option. She didn't have the option to party in the sorority, get drunk on the weekends or experiment with multiple sex partners or even have the ability to have boyfriends. She was too busy supporting her family at the age of 17, and even left her poor country so she could find a job in in richer Argentina so her family could get by. Now she owns her own business in her home country, and is staring one in the US. She supports her parents, her family, and her two daughters. she also sends money and goods to sick people in her community. She is strong and intelligent but her decisions and actions are not all hers, because she is ALWAYS thinking of her family first. At the same time she understands her role as a woman and mother and embraces that, yet she doesn't let that effect her business life here in the US. The thing is she is not as unique as you may think, as her sisters and friends (who are also from her country) are very similar. They have little time to play the victim, and do not blame men or society for the cards the get dealt. Not one of them is close to your gross depiction based on incorrect stereotypes. Anyway, It's fine you think that way, I could careless...I only wanted to respond to your inaccuracies in your attempt to defend "american feminism"...thanks for solidifying my theory that american feminism is a based on a racist ideology. have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jack from New York writes:

i am 39 still single, never married and no kids. hahahahaha.
i am rich because I have worked my butt off as an entrepreneur. I have my own house, my own money and I'm laughing all the way to the bank. I will never ever marry an American Woman. You bitches have ruined your own lives. I will find a nice respectful beauty oversees when I am ready.

so keep throwing your shaming language like "your just a homophobe, you want a slave for wife, you must have a small penis, you can't handle a strong confident women" blah, blah, blah, blah, that's what I hear from you. A strong confident women wouldnt kill their baby in an abortion, a strong confident women wouldnt rape their ex-husband in divorce court and steal his assets that she didnt earn, a real women wouldnt withhold sex and use it as a weapon. But that's what all you American Women do. I see it everywhere I go. You think us men dont talk to each other? 99.5 percent of all married men i know or have ever known tells me their wife doesnt have sex with them anymore.

most divorce is CAUSED by women. Women ruin their marriages. Western women are absolutely sick and disgusting and you can take your confident attitude and shove it where the sun dont shine.

Go have a lesbian experience and leave me the f*** alone.

American Women remain in a childlike state their whole lives. they are the stupidest, dumbest, narcissistic not worth and penny in the gutter losers of planet earth

shaming language doesnt work on us anymore.

the grim reaper will get you when you reach the gates of hell where you will no doubt spend the rest of eternity. again, I'm laughing at you. hahahahahaha

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Asian American woman says white American women are racist

Sonya, an Asian American woman said...

I will preface this by stating that I am an American woman of Asian ethnicity. Most of the girls at my school who were "rich" or "spoiled" were White girls. Most of the girls I've had conflicts with (them being stuck up and not accepting), were White girls. Most of the WOMEN I have any conflicts with currently, are White women.

The conflict is usually a result of the fact that my boyfriend is white, and I am not. This irks them to no end. Someone has to be terribly bitter inside to be so bitter about a complete stranger.

What I am seeing is an epidemic of yuppy, (rich) White parents, raising their daughters to be princesses, not teaching them how to cook (because maybe there are NO family recipes to pass down). These same girls go to school, act stuck up and snobby to other girls and boys, and grow up to be women with chips on their shoulders who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

These same women are the ones who sit around all day or go to the bathroom in groups and say, "Why can't I just find a nice guy?" Little do they know that nice guys are everywhere...they just aren't filthy rich (which seems to somehow disqualify them, sadly.)

I have come to the disheartening conclusion that American Feminism should be called White Feminism. White feminists have only their own personal agendas at heart. I often feel like these women could give a damn about those of us who come from families that have had to struggle to make it or are women of color (we are not a part of the "White" woman privilege.)

When did the right to vote and get educated get turned into "Let's piss on all men"??? Seriously...please be MORE bitter. You are a disgrace to those of us women in the states who actually appreciate good, kind hearted men.

To those American women who stereotype foreign women: You do yourselves a disservice -- way to make your own negative stereotypes a reality.

To assume that women overseas are spineless and incapable of fending for themselves is blatant racism, and snobbery. Only someone who hasn't travelled overseas could think this way and be so arrogant as to assume women overseas don't have to work, or struggle or make an effort to get educated.

You are under the misconception that women overseas don't have to work to survive and look after their families. In what reality do you live in? I sympathize with the American men that have to deal with women with such mentality. American women, I truly feel sorry for you.